Wildlife in our gardens


Updates! Let’s see how HE did. (I didn’t know the male Oriole built the nests!)


What a great clip, thanks for posting. Butterflies are one of life’s simple pleasures. They embody grace and beauty .

“Butterflies are flowers that fly and all but sing”- Robert Frost


Well, the female helps too! She’s currently sitting on eggs in the completed nest.


WOW! They have been BUSY! Thanks to you and your cool photos, I’ve just been goggling other photos and facts about “western Orioles” (same as hooded oriole??) and find them really neat (nests and the beautiful birds themselves which I was unfamiliar with). Of course we don’t have them here, nor any other bird that builds a nest similar to that. It looks like a nest you’d see in the rainforest or something. fascinating to me as a big nature/animal lover, so thanks for posting.


Yes, aka hooded oriole.


You know what these are…TURKEY!!


They are all over the place. They ate some of my young green hot peppers today. I chased them away.


They came back and walked right through the garden!




good to keep the bug pressure down.


The starlings were here last month, built a few nests in our neighborhood and also cleaned out a lot of beetle grubs :slight_smile:


As a wild turkey hunter, I love those photos and love those birds- both as game and as bug catchers. We have lots of them around here, and I often see dozens of them out in fields. However, I’ve often remarked how rare it is to see baby wild turkeys here. I guess mom keeps them in the woods and under deep cover until they are the size of those in your photo or larger? Knowing how much hawks enjoy my baby chickens, I’m sure thats why turkey chicks stay under cover.


Found this nest in a small pine tree I was thinking of cutting down. Not sure what type of birds they’ll be.


Kat is begging to go pretend to be a plant and roll in dirt again. She is wildlife. Life with her is wild!


The nest itself and egg markings look like a Cardinal is the likely resident.



Got a pair of Indigo Bunting. I’m having an extremely difficult time getting my camera to focus on this sedge patch they continuously eat in.


This guy was hanging out this morningJCS_0427 JCS_0422


OK, my mind is completely and totally BLOWN. Look, I know you Texas and other southern and southwest state residents see these things all the time. But I am 1 mile from the KY border in TN, and I found this guy dead on the side of the road less than a mile from my orchard. I have been an outdoor enthusiast and hunter all my life so I’ve spent more hours in the woods than almost anyone I know, and I have never, ever seen an armadillo and never heard of anyone seeing them. I did a little internet reading and there are stories about how these things have been migrating north the last 15-20 years, and the TN wildlife agency says they have been spoted in south and southwest TN, but I’m in far North TN. These ugly things have no fur at all, I don’t see how on earth they can live here in the winter??? Strange…no, shocking to me!!! :slight_smile:



They dig deep holes and stay in the ground except when they have to eat. They can survive anywhere basically…