Wildlife in our gardens


Not in my garden, at Shortys nursery, and I even got a video of it. :slight_smile:
(Purple phlox)


Yeah; think I’d try to save him… you got a dud of a Game Fish & Parks rep that time- usually they’ll take them to an animal/ wild bird Rescue/ Rehab center. I did that once; w/ a Night heron I found- and also w/ a Gt. Horned owl I found in our hen house; attached to a duck. We Released him in a wildlife refuge- GFP officer & I. Ground chicken ( blend w/ a little water) would prob. keep him alive till you can contact a rehab center… GFP would have the #; or call themselves if you can get an UN- lazy one on the phone.


@Julieh hi! Hey…I’m a little confused about your reply…were you talking about the baby rabbit? He didn’t need any wildlife rehab- he was small but definitely old enough to to make it on his own. I drove him about a mile and half from my home and released him in are area that is all grown up with grasses and trees and no one has gardens nearby so it should work out great.

You may have been responding to an older post of mine- I’ve taken on a lot of critters over the years and have showed several here, so you may be talking about one of them? Either way, I appreciate the comment and agree with it completely!


There’s also this:


One word: tularemia.


My yard is getting very popular…there were about 25 in this group, some not in the photo. These critters are bug and seed eaters but also berry eaters. Not sure how I feel about this new crowd moving into the neighborhood, since they also get inside the orchard area (with berries).
(BTW the ‘thing’ is an antenna I just built, so-called: hentenna.)


Wow. I’d sure love to give one of those a good case of lead poisoning, if you know what I mean! ha But yea, they will be hard on some of your fruit. My free range chickens not only pick and eat berries, but any low lying fruit is fair game and they will peck chunks out of almost an fruit they can reach., I’d think your new guests would be the same! Good luck.


Spunky danger noodle garter. Only about 30 inches but curled up n tried to give me hell :rofl:


Very pretty pattern…


That’s a beautiful snake…

Here is a tiny salamander I found in my pool


Isnt it? Lovely snake


Beautiful red color, like a plastic toy


Omg how cute! Im glad you saved him from the pool.
I love salamanders. We have the black and reddish ones here
I also saw a shorthead garter last week near my barn. Very pretty snake, bronzy colored


Hiding after a catch in the grass. The he hid his head in the trees!JCS_1064JCS_1069


I needed to hear that. Just like with deer, they’re all cutesy until they start eating food intended for yourself. I’ve already grown a pear, so to speak, so I’m no stranger to taking protective measures. In this, my first year of copious berries (saskatoons, gooseberries, etc., plus the usual) I lost a lot to birds, then I covered the big berry areas and still lost a lot. Could be raccoons or ??, all within the fenced orchard. Time to get serious. :rage:


Neat-looking serpent


One of those at work here today - feathers all over

I suspect the Cooper


Very cool!


So noisy.


This guy was on our road near the driveway as I was leaving.

Looks like something was feasting on the free meal. The rattle was gone the next day—I opted to keep on driving.

Rule#1: Never touch a “dead” venomous snake unless decapitated.