Wildlife in our gardens


We have a ton. I see them quite regular but just happened to get a good shot. They are very nervous and always fly quickly but I was behind a window and they landed and ate right in front of me. I’m planting corn this weekend in hopes of a quail/Dove field this season…


Pair nested on my window ledge when I was in college. Roomy was grossed out by how the parents feed the squab.


HAHAHAHAHAHA… I was watching a show the other day how most all animals regurgitate for their young. They don’t have any other way to carry that much food. It all ends up the same in the end!!!


i hunted them when i was stationed in N.M. they are tasty! i used to get free shotgun rentals from the rec center on base. i just kept the manager well fed with doves and quail. :wink:


Snapped a pic of adult and little one. The little one wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to place a coin by him, but he was dime sized


love them lil’ buggers! had one as a pet for awhile when i was stationed in N.M.


Back to what Richard started this thread with, the hummingbird, or wait it’s not a bird this is a moth. These are so cool to watch they fly just like hummingbirds. There was a fluorescent green one but I didn’t get a shot of him. I keep checking for him. The bad thing about these beautiful insects is that their larvae are a horned worm. It looks like the tomatoe worm without the white strips. Instead of a beak, it has a proboscis. It’s a long feeding tube used to suck up the nectar. https://www.insectidentification.org/insect-description.asp?identification=Hummingbird-Moth


I usually have them all over my Monarda, but not this year.


It seems the deer like my peaches


Just beautiful. Lovely photography!


I use to see these eastern box turtles every year but this is the first one I spotted in the last few years. Most of their local habitat is now lawn except for my property and a few neighbors. Nice color and pattern.


buddy of mine keeps telling me how tasty they are but I haven’t had a chance eat any…we’ve got plenty of them here, not sure how they survive since you can pretty much just walk right up on them…