Wildlife in our gardens


you hunt them at all ? are those osceolas or easterns?


I do hunt them. I am not an accomplished caller though and haven’t taken one yet. I did only start hunting Turkey 3-4 years ago though. I do believe they are Easterns. If memory serves me Osceola;s are farther South. Although I do not know any particular identifiers and really can’t say with certainty. There are 4-5 gaggles here with a dozen or more Turkeys in each. Our Turkey season up here runs pretty concurrent with deer season so I’m looking forward to getting one this year…


we have the eastern up here. they stocked them from trapped birds from s. maine. they’re doing good considering our deep snow and cold winters. I’ve yet to bag one. my buddies a Maine guide and is trying to learn how to call them so he can have hunts for them. they also grow a lot bigger here. survival of the fittest . bigger birds can hold in more heat than a smaller bird can. many people feed them in the winter.


Here is a bumble loaded with pollen


how the heck does he fly?


Pretty sticky looking isn’t it. That pollen on the rose of Sharon is like that, I have seen them covered worse than this


I’ve never seen that. That is crazy. Like Moose said it seems it couldn’t even fly… Very cool pic.



So this guy gave me quite the fright this afternoon. Guess what I was reaching for when I saw him, yep the passionfruit right behind him.

Then I saw this little guy, by the bucket. Hopefully the two will become friends.


My cat brought this one IN THE HOUSE!!

James had to take it in the barn to get a photo. Yes, it’s still alive…


Shot one of two coyotes that were eating pears about 50ft. From the house this morning. My dogs usually keep them farther away than that.
An hour later , killed a copperhead. One foot from where I reached to pick a shiitake mushroom , hate those things close to house/ garden areas.





Ah, the Red-Spotted Purple. Dumb name, pretty butterfly. Nice picture!


Caught this scrub lizard munching on what appears to be a cockroach…These guys are great at keeping the insects down…


seen them all over the place when we went to see my son graduate boot camp at parris island, SC. fast lil’ buggers!


Q: why were dinosaurs large?
A: because cockroaches were 20 inches long!


American Ladies going into chrysalis.