Wildlife in our gardens


Is that seriously the name for this butterfly? :laughing:


Unfortunately, it is. I always sigh when saying it out loud because of how dumb it sounds and I usually have to explain to people that that’s the actual name. :unamused:



I’m not good at identifying birds but I think that’s a falcon with its prey, likely a sparrow


More likely immature Cooper’s hawk.


WE all know that squirrels are public enemy # 1 when it comes to fruit growers, and I’ve dispatched many myself and generally don’t have any more love for them than the rest of you do. I get it. That being said, if you’ve been here long at all then you know I have a soft spot for helping all animals…I’ve posted photos of my opposums, cottontail rabbit (another garden enemy I took pity on), raccoon, and and now this! All I can say is forgive me. But I just couldn’t let this little guy die. I found him after a big storm about a week ago and he was under a giant oak in my yard which has a squirrel nest in it, so I’m fairly sure he blew out of the tree. What is strange is that he did not have any fear at all of me- and he had hair and was large enough he could have been scared. I’ve seen other squirrels this size be scared of people and run/climb away. This little guy just let me pet him. He didn’t like being picked up- he squealed and bit the #^$& out of me- but I didn’t blame him. Within a few minutes he calmed down and ever since I’ve been handling him with no problems. Anyway, there is the story, here are the photos:





I cant let helpless things die either
Sweet of u


cute lil’ bugger! as much as we dislike them, they’re only doing what squirrels do. looks big enough to eat solids. my father had a red squirrel as a pet growing up. he lived 5 yrs. he built a cage for him to keep him from tearing up the house. he taught him all sorts of tricks. dad would throw a tennis ball, and Red would roll it back. would do this for hours.






Welcomed guest!


A good friend to see in the garden!

This woodpecker was trying to work the sunflower stalks!



On the job!


I had looked after a baby black squirrel about 30 years ago. I made a cage that had access to the outside in my shed. He loved bananas.


I was happy to see a roadkill bear today. Just glad it wasn’t my vehicle that did the deed.
Bears ate my apples 2 years in a row on my favorite tree.


New neighbor with light brown coat and white breast. Possibly an immature redtail.




Great shot!