Will a Zaire pluot pollinate a Nadia cherry plum or do I need a Japanese plum?

I am getting a Nadia cherry plum. I have green gage and bavays green gage and cherry trees. If I have to get something thinking of getting a pluot or some other kind of Zaire hybrid for it. What will pollinate Nadia cherry plum?

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I’m no expert but I believe any decent J. plums or Pluots that bloom at the same time would work. Did you mean Zaiger??? I have a few of their pluerries and pluots that I hope will fruit this year!

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I meant Zaiger but autocorrect happened and I did not catch it. I have heard of Japanese plums and pluots pollinating it but would something like the trilite peach plum pollinate it since it is still part plum?

You might ask @Vincent_8B, he has some Zaiger plums I believe near his Nadia, and he seems to get good production.
Kent, wa

Next to my Nadia, I have Catalina Japanese plum recently. Small tree and never fruit yet. Even information said it’s self fertile. Hopefully will fruit this coming season. We don’t have information about Catalina plum performing in Seattle areas yet.

You do need another plum or pluot, other interspecific fruit probably will not work. I would graft a few kinds unto the tree, What I did. Certain plums are known to be good pollinators. Santa Rosa (the weeping version is awesome). Burgundy, and Toka, but Toka is more for Japanese-American hybrids.
Nadia is slow to set fruit. Mine does set a modest amount. but for a few years only set a couple. So I guess no hurry in adding another plum.