Will American Persimmon work for coppice or Pollard?

Found a large mulberry and two medium height American Persimmon on the lot next door. I will soon clear this lot to make an orchard and am wondering if the American Persimmon will survive and regrow as a coppice or pollard? Would like to graft some of the hybrid or Asian types on these. I know the mulberry will work (M Rubra).

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If it is young enough it will resprout all along the trunk as a pollard. If chopped down as a coppice it will resprout from the base as well… if it is young enough. Both of these heavy pruning methods will probably encourage it to put up suckers as far out as the roots go. The main worry with pollarding or coppicing persimmons, like many other trees, is that the young vigorous sprouts are fragile and easily torn off.


This is an American persimmon after a failed graft attempt this year. It shot up multiple shoots from the base and I selected the strongest one…and scratched off the rest. Then threw a tree tube on it for support. Hopefully I have better luck grafting the shoot next Spring. Hope the pics help

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Thanks, I want to see if I can graft some hybrid or asian persimmon onto the shoots. The variety we get here naturally is very small and mostly seed.

All my successful persimmon grafts required a little love…and indirect sunlight. I had four grafts take and then burn out quick by the sun. Next five all got tree tubes and all worked great. Grafted a rossenyanka…jiro…saijo…and early jewel… And a korp. Really feel like the tubes were helpful…along with constantly scratching off competing shoots from the rootstock. All are good and growing now.

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