Will compost make soil pH too high for azaleas

I have found that adding compost does raise my soil pH a little bit. The compost itself is commercially produced and has a pH of around 7.2. My native soil has a pH between about 4.9 and 5.5. If I am planting azaleas, and I add some of this compost to the bed, do you think that would raise the pH above the point where the azaleas would grow well?

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It depends how much you use, but given your native soil low pH I believe you are safe. I have found that blueberries can thrive in soil where the top 12" is nearly neutral when their is acidic soil below.

Plants are adaptable to soils with a parfait of available nutrients as long is the soil is moist and they have roots extended where the nutrients reside when the plant needs them. Sometimes it doesn’t even require roots- just strands of mychorizal fungi linking them- though maybe not for free iron.