Will Kahinta and Purple Heart plums pollinate each other?

Any chance of Kahinta and Purple Heart pollinating each other ??

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That should be possible.


Most hybrid plums aren’t great pollenizers for other varieties of hybrid plums. The most effective species for that are the native plums, Prunus Nigra and Prunus Americana.

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Yes thank you, I do realize that…I’m trying to avoid planting wild plum because of limited space and susceptibility to black knot…just wondering if ther is any chance at all …even of poor pollination…maybe a chum ?..sandcherry…anything…?

I would also consider putting in a South Dakota as I have tasted that before and is a decent plum and apparently an excellent pollinator…although I’m not sure where I would get one other than asking for some cuttings from the new owner of my previous property back east …but I have yet to have any luck with stonefruit grafting…apples yes , stonefruit , no.