Will my Blackerries come back

Hey everyone. I have 4 rows of blackberries that suffered major damage last year during a huge drought. My watering system had issues and once I noticed it was to late. None of the canes are blooming or leafing this year, they all look dead. So far I see no new canes coming up but it is early. They were all planted 5 years ago and have produced heavily for me. Do blackberries usually recover from this or will i need to replant in the fall?

Not sure your location I’m having new canes push in 7b North Georgia but it’s been a warm spring. You’ll know for sure soon

I am in North Texas Zone 8A (although its been closer to 7B the past few years)

I’ve killed raspberries from under watering so I’d guess that they are dead

Where I live it is damned near impossible to kill blackberries. I’ve been battling the bassturds for over 50 years and it’s damned near impossible to stomp them out. To have any prayer of killing them you need to dig real deep and get every trace of roots out of the ground. Good luck with that, I hate those damed things. They grow wild everywhere here and are considered an invasive species.

I’m in Zone 7a/6b and I see canes coming out of ground now. If you’re in 8a, and don’t see any green yet, it might be dead.

You can still dig around carefully and check for green and whether roots are alive or dead, just in case.

you maybe right but I was holding out because even the wild brambles out here are all dead and no new canes.

Ditto. They’re invincible, surviving repeated grubbing, and a year of being covered with a tarp, whilst growing on mere inches of soil above bedrock. If you can kill ‘em, you deserve a medal

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