Will netting protect young mulberries from deer

I woke up today to find that one of my Morus Nigra had most of it’s leaves stripped. I am guessing by a deer. Luckily it was one out of 3 mulberries and there is still one branch of new growth and there is still outgoing new growth for spring so I think they will recover. I did read that once a deer starts coming they will keep on coming back every night. I put netting over it. Do you think plastic netting will protect them from the deer?

Animals with keen senses of smell and taste can’t stand mace, so get some hot peppers and make a pot of hot tea to spray onto and all around your trees. Deer may come back but that maybe his last visit, he will never forget it

Tenax deer control fencing, used as netting ought to do it. A local orchard has a few trees outside of the fenced area that the person wrap with these, the moose can only get to the branches that stick out. It is supposed to have a 15+ year service life. Ask me again in about 13.