Will nurseries have a second batch in the fall?

Sorry I’m relatively new to gardening. I was wondering if nurseries have a second batch of plants that they prepare for fall plantings such as strawberries?

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Yes fall plantings are nearly as big as spring so many items will be available for sale.


it is going to depend a lot on the plants your looking for.

Most nursery’s will try to sell you potted plants and tree’s year round. Just for profit reasons.

The ideal time for planting most fruit tree’s and shrubs is when the tree’s/shrubs go dormant. (loose leaves) this is fall through early spring. This is the bear root season.

strawberry’s are neither a shrub nor tree though. And strawberry’s can be bought as bare root dormant plants during the dormant season. And much later. For profesional growers they store the dormant plants in huge freezers. To wake them up whenever the grower wants (when they plant them) and force them to start fruiting. This is how they can get close to year round local strawberry’s from greenhouses. (harvest june bearers in oktober for example) So you could probably even buy some strawberry plants right now.

Around juli/august the strawberry plants start making runners. And around this time they usually also sell those potted up small runners. You can also plant those.


But it doesn’t sound like they will be likely to have bareroot strawberries if thats the case?

it depends on a lot of factors. But here, bare root strawberry’s almost exclusively come from the fridge. So can be bought winter/spring/summer.

Fall strawberry’s come potted up as new potted up runners.

It depends on the nursery. Some do and some do not. It al;so depends on the year as well. The last year or so a lot of nurseries have been selling out of everything, even the smaller plants and trees.

Depends on the nursery but most online nurseries will put up their stock mid summer to end of fall. Raintree is starting their fall plant/2022 season ordering in July, Bay Laurel nursery is starting their ordering late August or September. Nourse farms get their stock in October or November for the fallowing year. Either way I would start looking up who sales what and when you want and order them. I really got screwed over last year because I bought my cherry trees but even in January I wanted a miniature honey babe peach tree and the only nurseries selling it were either sold out for the shipping season or had already stopped their shipping all together.

Isons nursery is currently taking orders for strawberry plugs to be delivered this fall. They only have 2 varieties, Sweet Charlie and Chandler. I ordered 50 plugs and it came out to about $55.00 including postage.

55 dollars is steep for strawberries even with shipping. Nourse farms sales their strawberries at bulk rate and for 50 strawberries it is 20 something dollars and will be 20 something dollar shipping so you save 10 dollars or so.

But Nourse, like most places, sells bare roots and ships starting in January. Ison’s is selling plugs and ships in October. In the deep south one way to grow strawberries is to plant in the fall and grow them through the winter. Then, in the spring you should get a good crop of strawberries. Some even grow them as an annual so they do not have to get them to survive during the summer months.

Much different than here in Colorado in the south for sure. I used to work at Home Depot and hung around Home Depot reddit at the time. Here in Colorado spring and summer were the big times for Home Depot but from what others told me on the Home Depot subreddit the south is the opposite where everyone is planting during the winter and fall there. Though I guess even here the time you order is during the fall if you want a good price. I likely spend more on the garden in late summer/fall when pre-orders happen and it is time to add compost and mulch than I do in the spring. The spring is when all the expensive nurseries open up and sell you a cherry tree for 120+ dollars around here while you are getting yours shipped that was 50 or less.

Cummins just announced its new crop of trees for Spring 2022. Some varieties are already sold out.

It does not surprise me they are already sold out on some varieties. Trees are selling like hot pancakes anymore. I called my local nursery in June about fruit trees and even though you only start planting potted trees in mid May they said they were sold out for the entire season. I wanted to buy a few genetic dwarf peach trees the start of last January and every place was completely sold out. One Green World puts up their stock in November or December they said and they were sold out after one month. I ordered my fruit trees hours after Raintree nursery opened and you may think I was just being paranoid but everyone is selling out so fast that I wanted to make sure I got what I wanted. Now to just wait until August or September when Honey babe comes out with Bay Laurel Nursery and I will call them and put a order in and I will be good.