Will peach also work on this rootstock?

Marianna 26-24 plum rootstock

Apparently not:


Marianna 26-24
plum - rooted cutting slightly dwarfing, moderately resistant to Phytophthora crown and root rot and oak root fungus, tolerates wet soils, root-knot nematode resistant tends to lean, shallow roots the first few years, very susceptible to bacterial canker, incompatible with peaches, nectarines and some almond varieties, suckers profusely, susceptible to crown gall, almonds subject to brown line disease and union mild etch

But I would check elsewhere- errors happen.


Short answer: no, it will not. For details, read this paper.


I thought that paper was interesting because they listed K-1 as incompatible with P. persica, in contrast to the S. Carolina study. I’ve seen some nurseries offer persica on K-1.

I had one peach tree on K-1 and found it eventually incompatible. It lasted 7years total, but was pretty much dead the seventh year and unproductive it’s 6th year. It really only had one year (it’s 4th or 5th year) where it was productive.

I’ve yet to experience a peach on a plum rootstock which has done any good here.

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I have some nemaguard rootstock if you need something to graft peach on.

So next question… Euro or Asian or both?

Yes,Marianna 2624 should be compatible with Asian and European Plums.bb


Thanks much to everyone for your help! This has been very helpful for me when I do top work this Spring!