Will these work?

I just received the latest Gempler’s catalogue and not to far along in the catalogue I found reasonably priced ‘tree mats’ that you place about the trunk of your trees to stop weeds. For a four ft. in diam. circle they cost $2.70 each. That is not bad. They look thin, but that won’t matter if I cover them with mulch. It would really help to keep down the grasses and Creeping Charlie weeds, and hours of weeding.

One of my neighbors uses them and recommends them. But I never tried myself. Don’t put any wood chips over such mats, I did that with the cloth rolls of landscape fabric and the weeds found the mulch to be perfectly good “dirt”. Mulch with rocks if you want to mulch.

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It depends on your weed profile and the mulch (and probably local weather conditions). I put arborist chips or shredded wood mulch over fabric routinely and it provides adequate protection for a year. Then I scrape off the old and place new over the fabric. After the third year I remove the fabric and rely on chips alone and the weeds become more a problem, but by then I only need it weed free in spring.

For blueberries, I keep the fabric forever- only poison ivy is a problem. The bindweed mostly comes through the openings in the fabric.

I wouldn’t use mulch for the product of the topic, however. It is meant to work alone.