Willamette valley Asian plums


Was out yesterday starting to do some pruning and like last year Asian plum buds showing a hint of white. I’ve had a couple of days into high fifties already. Last year they started to awaken early and we then got colder and they still opened way to early and no bees and cold weather. Looking like deja vu. Anybody else?


I am starting to notice the same thing. I am getting annoyed with the warm days.


same here… sw washington. it was 53 degree this morning at 6am… 57 degrees this evening at 7pm!!!


Reporting in from NW Washington…54F at 9pm!


Last year my asian plums bloomed really early. Some hail and frosts came and beat the blooms down. My Santa Rosa and satsuma plums had 0 fruits. However, my shiro had quite a few. So you never know. You might have to get out there and paint them if there are no bees to help. That’s what I plan on doing this year to help with fruit set.


I thinned all of the Shiro plums from the upper branches last year, only to have the deer strip everything from the lower half of the tree. I really didn’t think that one through. The one Superior plum that was the size of a turkey heart got knocked off the tree by accident. A large black rubber kong bounced off my dog’s head and hit the tree rather violently during a game of fetch.
I hope my luck holds out this year.