Winstrip Trays, Bootleg Farmer, Seed Starting Setups

I ordered some of the “Pepper Geek’s” sets at Bootleg Farmer. They have a special if you get a 2-pak right now.

I have a short season and so had a bunch of beautiful pepper plants wiped out with a sudden and unexpected dip to 22F.

This year, I will start seeds earlier and use this system with heat and insulation and see if I cannot get longer season things started earlier.

I will report back later how it goes and especially how it did it, if all goes well. We are off grid and so have to get creative with energy. I will also probably put a review here:

I think I will plant some green things right away, just to see how they do, since I have a couple of months before I will start peppers and tomatoes.

I would like to get some Mini Wini’s from NeverSink but am waiting for a coupon code or a sale.

Anyone have a valid Bootleg Farmer or NeverSink coupon code?