Winter apricot survival

Here’s an account of my apricot survival over the winter, which had about 3 1/2 weeks of roughly -15 F:

Starting the winter (Manchurian Apricot rootstocks):

Apache, Florilege, Hoyt Montrose, Montrose, Flavor Delight, Ilona, Orange Red, Zard, Alfred, Ultra-Orange, Robada, Hargrand, Puget Gold, Sugar Pearls, and Sundrop.

Survivors, all with significant dieback:

Alfred, Montrose, Ultra-Orange, and Zard (two of each, except just one Ultra-Orange.) I had one Sugar Pearls survive also, although two others crashed hard and early so I think it was a fluke.

Most of these varieties I had back-ups for in cool storage pots, so not all are lost. Varieties that appeared to be hardy by mid-winter but didn’t make it all the way were Ilona, Apache, and Flavor Delight.

I had Tomcot and Moorpark (on Myro) in a greenhouse with a small heater that gained me about 5 degrees above outside temps. Both survived, with Moorpark being the surprise champion of all my varieties in terms of least dieback.