Winter blooms


My Josef Lemper hellebore is in full bloom, it is my earliest hellebore to bloom. Some of the later varieties are starting to bud now.


Very pretty. Outdoor flower?



Yes, it’s outdoors. They are hardy to zone 4 I think. There are several species and hybrids blooming from late fall to early spring. Can be kind of pricey de to being slow growing and slow to propagate for a perennial.

Here are buds on a pink flowering variety Pink Frost.


I have to get me a couple of those plants to break the Winter blues.



Definitely worth it. Just try to locate them where they won’t be buried in snow. Won’t hurt the plant, but you can’t see the flowers!


My kiddo enjoying the snow crocuses.


Pink Frost Hellebore from post 3 in full bloom


Stinking Hellebore, not very ornamental but unusual looking. Plus I don’t smell anything, maybe you have to break it.


It is time for the Christmas Rose to bloom again. My mom bought this in bloom at Trader Joe’s last year, enjoyed it inside then I put it at the edge of my rain garden. So nice to have a winter bloom!


Thanks for sharing. I would love to have these. Thinking of forcing some Forsythia and ornamental quince cuttings to combat the bleak winter scenery here in the mid-west…