Winter Citrus

For me this is exciting. I have had this tree for six months. When I bought it, it had three lemons on it and no blooms. After two months on my terrace, which it seems to love, It bloomed its little heart out. I now have twenty five lemons all turning various shades of yellow at the same time. I want to save them for Thanks giving so I can also serve a homemade lemon tarte! Here are some pics. The tree is still outdoors (will stay there too) and my espaliered apple is still blooming. Please show pictures of your citrus too!


Very nice for such a small potted tree. Winter is indeed citrus season here in CA too. Enjoy!

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Thanks being a New Englander I grew citrus as well in RI. But I begged the trees to bloom and pollinated the flowers with a paint brush. During the winter the pots would be pulled into my dining room. Here the bees do all of the work and they can remain outdoors. Last winter it didn’t drop below 40-43 hoping for the same this winter.

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I somehow (mistakenly) thought South of France is similar to Bay Area here (zone 9a/9b). If your winters are only dropping to low 40s then you are close to zone 10b. Forget citrus, you can easily grow mangos :slight_smile:


I know and agree, the summers are very hot but not humid. Yesterday it was in the low 70’s. I believe we are between 9b and 10a. Not many palm trees but they do grow here.

Very fragrant flowers


The second picture (with flower) looks more like a apple tree.

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Yes, I mention in the copy that it is my espaliered apple. Yes its blooming end of October in southern France.

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Again, very CA like. My Lemon trees are full of blooms now, too. But keep in mind they are everbearing, so they literally bloom almost year round.

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Do you know where I can get Mandarinquat seeds?

Zone 9a - more than a handful of days between 20-25F, Zone 9B - 25-30.

Here’s my Kishu mandarin.


Wow stunning!

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Can’t get any better than that, hope all your tree’s look like that, I envy.


I do too!

This is its third winter in the ground after being transplanted from 3-gallon pot. There were only a few pieces of fruits last winter. The fruit quality wasn’t that good.

It’s getting better this year but the fruits aren’t sweet enough yet. They may need another month to sweeten up.

I have a few citrus trees. Only the ones getting enough sun are productive. I have Tango mandarin which was an impulse buy. It was squeezed in between my fence and an apricot tree when both were young. Tango is now only bearing a few pieces of fruits a year. I need to relocate it but have no more space.

Your Kishu looks amazing. So envious :laughing:

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We nedd some of your fresh lemons for lemon squares we are planning to make for Christmas, please!!

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Can they be shipped ? Xxxooo

Xie Shan. Mandarins tree has been picked over, last ones! Others to follow already. Page is ready, Gold Series are starting, Pomelo’s still going.