Winter protecting citrus

Had our first sleet of the season yesterday. Couple days ago I finished wrapping up all my trees. I’m just trying a simple “balloon“ style this year, as opposed to tent etc. The typhoons in this area make low profile necessary. I realized as I was finishing up, it probably would’ve been better to try to force the trees into cylinder shape by pushing the branches upwards, and then wrapping very tightly. Sort of like some new trees look like at the nursery when you buy them bare root.
One exception was my Kinkan kumquat. It’s full of fruit like last year, and they’re just starting to ripen when the frost hits. If I could warm the tree up for maybe another week or so to ripen. Not sure how to do that passively. I put large clear bags over the branches, untied, but I’m skeptical this will boost it enough.
Water tanks help a lot, but I only have a couple.