Winter Vegetables

Dug around to see Howe my beet seeds were doing but couldn’t find them. I think I over soaked them and they rotted.

Planted fresh seed without a presoak and watered in.

A lovey 63.7° this morning…coolest since late May. It will be 90+ for a high today though.

Little by little fall is coming.

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have seen a mouse in the bed where I sowed my lettuce, none have come up so I think it’s eaten the seed

beets and radish poking along though


I think since it’s a little too warm, maybe set up a shade cloth over your plants. At least to get them started. There are some lettuce plants that are bred more for the heat (Johnnys seed) sell them but sometimes I cover them up with shade cloth when it’s extremely hot in the summer.

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I have trouble with lettuce too, this why I’m happy to see something sprouts. I don’t think it’s the mouse, maybe birds.

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First time growing winter vegetables; not counting last years lettuce. I’ve sowed carrots (old seed) as an experiment and parsnips. If the carrots don’t germinate, I’ll plant the newer seed.


Planted some peas yesterday. I need to plant the last pea variety, hoping I can tomorrow. I’m so excited for a fall/winter/spring garden.