Womack Nursery special sale Spring 2021

Just wanted to spread the word that Womack is selling bundles of 10+ trees for $100-125 with free shipping. Don’t know why they have so much extra stock this year, but worth checking out if you need to fill an orchard.


I have never ordered from them, are they good? I don’t see any information about sizes for what they ship.

Probably best to call or email them. Reliable grower/nursery for TX. I usually buy 4-5 ft trees and they ship to me in Jan (with some freebies!). They’re best known for peaches and pecans, I think.

I ordered from them last year and each of their trees have done very well. Strong growth on the apricots and Flavor Supreme. I did have a problem with one, but they sent out a replacement. What do y’all think of the 6 tree bundle peach package for $100?

1 Regal 700 Chill Hours ripens mid May

1 CaryMac 750 Chill Hours ripens July 1st

1 Majestic 850 Chill Hours ripens July 1st

1 Redglobe 850 Chill Hours ripens July 4th

1 Dixieland 750 Chill Hours ripens July 25th

1 Big Red 750 Chill Hours ripens mid August

Good chill hours for DFW area. Wonder what rootstock they have for these. I have gotten Halford from them before.

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That’s what I was thinking. Chill hours are perfect for my area. I’m wondering about rootstock and disease resistance at this point. I’ve resisted growing peaches until this point. :rofl:

Dp you have the space? Can always graft over with something better if poor variety.

I lost all of my pineapple guava and Fragrant Tea Olives(Osmanthus fragrans). Looking for something to fill the spaces. Nice hedge of low trained peach trees would be neat. Sure is late for bareroots though.

My tea olives just started sprouting low on main trunk. No sign of life in pineapple guavas yet (still in denial here). All in ground citrus died. Sigh

the bundles look like a really great deal, less than $20/tree. As long as they are a reasonable 1/2 in trunk diameter, i would say it is a good deal. What diseases do you suffer over there? so far i haven’t noticed any where i am.

Rootstock is Halford.

Good for heavy clay soils like I have.

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Well they shipped out fast! I can’t imagine these are going to be very impressive with 6 trees weighing in at 3 lbs. I’ll toss up some pictures tomorrow when it arrives.

Why have you resisted growing peaches? it seems like a perfect zone for peaches and apricots. I’m in a zone 6a and i have to be careful of what I choose. Many I would like, but too cold here.

Their plums and peaches can be variable caliper - 3/8 to 3/4 inch. The persimmons though are huge, bigger than most other nurseries.

I was trying to avoid high maintenance fruit that required spraying until I planted 6 apricots. Might as well go on in with the peaches and see how they do. :rofl:

What are you spraying for?

Nothing yet. I assume when these things start fruiting I’ll have to hit them with fungicide.

I haven’t had to yet. Three years of peaches so far, but I am in a different zone.

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