Womack Nursery special sale Spring 2021

Received my order from Womack today. Not awful except for one. Big Red was a tiny thing with barely any roots and maybe slightly less than two feet tall. You can sort of see it on top of the stack. They were waking up already so I got them in right away. Need to grab some mulch tomorrow. Tossed them into my native clay with some bulk soil mixed in to raised them up slightly. Hopefully the Halford rootstock helps them thrive in my clay soil.


I have clay soils too. Thank just ordered persimmon. a d some melon seeds from
them. I ordered the persimmon because the author 7catmom said they send huge persimmons. The ones i got from other nurseries last fall were disappointingly small.

The persimmons I received from Womack’s this year were 4-5 ft tall. Roots are cut back of course, so I recommend babying them for first year so they can establish. Sometimes this means growing in container till fall. Texas summers can easily kill poorly rooted persimmons.