Wondering what kind of tree this is?

iNaturalist a plant identification app says it might be a Persian Walnut, any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

hickory or walnut

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Is there a smell, fragrance, if you crush leaves? Most of the time I can ID walnuts that method if I’m not sure on the leaves.

Persian/Carpathian walnut, pecan, or butternut?

It’s not pecan. Does it have any nuts on it or on the ground?

bark is not consistent with persian walnut. My best guess is either butternut or heartnut.


Yes a sweet smell almost like eucalyptus and a hint of lavender.

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No nuts produced yet, or none that I could see underneath the Rhododendron. I’m guessing this tree is 3-4 years old, though I have never seen one like it in my local area.

The number of leaflets makes me lean toward the hickory side of the family. The large terminal leaflet is in line with Butternut, but they usually have more leaflets. I suspect you have a few more years before nuts. Certaily in the right family, but not one I see around my neck of the woods.

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I suspected it might be a Carpathian Walnut, it’s just how in the hell was it planted there, there are no other trees that I am aware of in my neighborhood that look like it, maybe someone has one hidden in their backyard :man_shrugging:

I manage a group home. There are no visible walnuts of any kind from the property. Every day this week I have looked out the window and seen squirrels open carrying in the yard. Every spring I remove double digits of seedlings from places they should not be. The shells I see range from one inch black walnuts, something I assume is a heartnut or a hybrid, on up to almost three inch somethings I’m sure are a butternut. I wish I could find that tree when it is dropping.
My yard has all blacks at fruiting age, but I planted three other kinds that’ll be easier to shell once they start dropping. Pedro, Livermore and a Butternut seedling. I’ve attempted a couple of grafts, but my luck with the local black as rootstock has not gone well…

Interesting, see I live on Vancouver Island, and despite my best efforts of trying to find heartnuts, butternuts, walnuts; I have not found one with plant identification apps in my area, except for the one I posted. There are European Sweet Chestnuts, but only about 6 of them on the same road, others are single trees and of course you need two of them to have some pollination happen.

I think it oddly beautiful that a squirrel planted this tree in amongst the rhododendron, that shrub has been there for well over 60 years and maybe it’s life is slowly ending - and a new life this butternut, perhaps walnut will overtake it and succeed it. I’m looking forward to next spring to see if it’ll flower and maybe produce some nuts, I actually plan to start my own nursery and sell trees, shrubs, berries etc. so it’ll be nice to offer something like this to the community :slight_smile:

1000% Persian walnut, Juglans regia. I look at the buds from a distance and know it.