World best made containers

These containers I use are around 30 years old , are still holding up like the day I purchased. Super light, super strong, still good for a long time. I use them mainly for my citrus and fig tree’s. This is just my opinion.This year my wife want to use them for her herb plants. She hates black containers.


These containers never sits idle, year in year out!!


Happy wife! Happy life! What are their brand name and sizes.


What are these called?


They look like Veranda deck box planters… not sure if modern materials are as good as OP ones.

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I see you like them for your trees in the background. Where did you get those? I have some blue muck buckets that i use for wicking tubs but yours look much better.

Bob, did you drill the extra holes on the sides or were they original?

I added those drain holes when I use them for figtrees. I had to buy the h/d black containers because the white containers were hard to find. I did not look at the bottom to see where they were made. Maybe a search on the internet might be a good start. I have invested too much in those black containers, so not going to switch again. Those white containers has serve me well.
The black container in the background is a 25 gl one for a good size Jaboticaba tree. I wish somebody take that tree of my hands. The tree had produced a lot of fruits.


im not a fan of black pots either mainly because they heat up too much from the sun and always dry out quickly. tan or sage green is my preference.

When you live in colder zones like 7,6,5 black containers might not that bad at all. I don’t have any troubles. It helps if you stagger your pots in such a way that tree canopy will shade the next pot all in relation to the sun position.
Have about 60 large containers like the ones in the picture. Citrus/ figs and others.


would be nice if price listed in post?

$16. 48 for one

I could click open a bunch of tabs at home no problem
sometimes at hotel/motel computers they are all glichy opening a window my take several seconds (not top mention a long time of peoples farms,)

but at least with the flow of things is nice to have the price brought up so I could move on )

Thanks anyways for going out the way, and posting the link
just saying though this delay does happen with crappy motels computers or just the flow of the conversation .

Thanks Francis. Going back to my pre retirement age my neighbor who owns a large nursery gave me these containers, I believe they were just around $5.00., 30 years ago.

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Makes sense but in the 90’s minimum wage was 4 bucks something …

I had a paper route as a kid
(a hour each day 60 to 70 homes)
(but got better pay then Minimum wage about double)
(1982 was born,
but child labor laws they ended jobs for kids
no paper route later as they switched to cars all this happened around same time as I remember …)
Also grew plants when young as well –
wish I would of known about damping off to transplant, but read what I could, and no internet or wanted to until 22 at caregiver work .

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Just noticed you live west of Chicago, I use to live just south of Chitown, Lansing, I’ll. For 27 years.

Let me know if there is anything good to see there?

I usually bicycle on the trails , but never been there closest
I go to a place called good hope to buy food in Joliet. (says a 32 minute drive (I would be on the I&M canal bike trail but always just ride it to Morris from Aurora, and then East (not west) to starved rock …

But next time if I go to a concert in Tinely park I may check it out.

I am familiar with all those areas mentioned. Don’t you have a big shopping Mall by you? Been there a few times.

In 1967 when I wasn’t old enough for a Massachusetts “work permit” I placed an Ad in the Duxbury Clipper weekly newspaper that read “Dedicated weed puller needs job badly, $1.00 per hour.” My phone rang, and two older folks called me up and hired me to help them with their summer yard work. I learned a lot from one lady, who would try to bend down and show me how she wanted to have it done, then make a terrible groaning noise when getting back up. (Now, at age 70, I hear myself a making those SAME noises out in the garden!)


Funny enough my college age daughter says she hates gardening. She also prefers working outside so her first summer job was at a farm. This summer she found an old lady that pays her $20/hr for work on her garden. Methinks the lady doth protest too much…

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My college aged dtr enjoys working at a student farm or urban co-op farm for free. Resists putting in work at our own homestead. Go figure.

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