Would a graft still take now or is it to late?

I have some rootstock that didn’t take and I still have some scionwood in the fridge. Would it take now or is it too late?

Forgot to mention the highs have been in the 80’s the last two weeks.

As long as the scion wood is still dormant it can work. I did this about 10 days ago and the new graft is growing well.

80’s can be perfect grafting weather. I put aluminum foil on when it gets into the 80s, to keep the grafts from overheating when the sun is hitting them. I found my Hachiya persimmon was dead a few days ago and put new scions on its rootstock yesterday.

I did a few a week ago and they all took.

Thanks I may try some today.

I did 12 plum 6 days ago and not only do they all look good, they pushed growth faster and in a more robust manner than all the others from this year. Too early to tell if it’s really connected growth or just embodied energy fueling the push, but it certainly looks promising.