Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


post 27 don’s picture.

I ordered a couple Wowza’s and a Juliet a few weeks ago. I used the $100 off of $200 coupon.


I tried and could not find that , great detective work johnny!


I right clicked on it, then click search google for image.


I already have a Juliet in ground, what do you think about wowza being potted? I am a little concerned that it will be small


I think it said one foot but I would have to check again. I bought one for my sister and the Juliet also. I only got one Wowza for me. I have two Juliets in the ground too. They are my biggest bushes or one is anyway. I’m excited for spring to see them bloom then fruit along with the other bushes. I have eight all together in the ground. You might be right. It might come as a twig six inches tall, lol!


here’s the picture they show at Gurney’s of Wowza. Looks like two foot tall.



My Juliet was a monster , huge roots and 2 1/2 feet tall, this will be second leaf.


I like the way that looks


Gardens Alive?

Uh oh…:unamused:


Yes, mine were like that too. I got them from Henry Fields a couple years ago. One is almost six foot tall the other is four. I think this is third leaf on those. Edit: I went out and measured them today 3/10/2019 and one is 6’ 6" and the other is 5’ 4".


Mine had some cherries last year but they dropped.


I had a couple hundred flowers and maybe 40 set fruit. Most of those dropped and the birds and chipmunks got the rest except a few that i got to taste. They tasted like fruit punch to me. I’m hoping for a better crop this year, and more cherry flavor.


10yrs. and no cherries. wow, that doesn’t make sense.


Well, there have been a few cherries, but they drop or something. I have tried netting them, but they still disappear. This last summer I would have had some, but had to leave for a memorial gathering for my late sister, and when I returned nary a cherry left, even though netted. Hoping to hit the jackpot this coming summer.


good luck! i bet a bushy tailed rat is sneaking in! :wink:


I get chipmunks in my neted trees.


Do you keep cats? I spend quit a bit on cat food in a year but with my for adult female cats I don’t seem to have much trouble with rodents. I don’t know if they would control chipmunks as we don’t have many here.


It’s been a while since our cats died. Probably not a bad idea to get more.


My current line of cats are pretty good hunters, I had a line of grey taby’s a few years back that were hell on rodents but I lost every one to a neighbors dog. The more wild feral type of cat the better, I like them.


My rural orchard is 13 miles from home, so would be hard to keep cats there. I don’t like cats, anyway. They kill too many birds.