Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


Here is the whole pdf on the subject.
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I’d guess there were some nice hybrids passed over because they weren’t suitable for commercial production. ethically i think they should b realeased for private growers to benefit from, but i think most breeding programs are more in it for $ than to benefit mankind. this may be one of those varieties. I’ve heard rumors of some haskap that fall into this same category…


Im having a hard time with the link on my phone so ill just link my earlier post.

It looks like they are releasing some of the good but not commerically viable varieties to home growers, just with gurney’s money as an incentive. Im sure the whole process will be drawn out over years as one variety is milked for money by gurneys before they unveil the next one. Im sure that is why gurneys is fronting the bill for bringing the newer ones into the US. Carmine jewel was an unexpected success and then juliet and Romeo weren’t sold exclusively by gurneys. Those two flooded the market too fast.


Well, Gurneys’ is a business and needs to make a profit. I’m just grateful that they took the initiative to take on the project, as there was financial risk involved for them in doing so. I have all of the Romance cherry varieties available, and it was the cherries that inspired me to buy a piece of land in the hopes of perhaps having a honeyberry/cherry U-pick orchard. It will probably just end up for friends, but I am having fun (most of the time) doing it.


It doesn’t match any of the romance bushes descriptions. I think it’s one of the ones not picked to be in the series. It may not be as good of a bush seeing they picked the best ones for the series. Then again there could have been some close seconds that could be as good, or even hybrids that have turned out good after these were developed. There is no information that I have been able to find on Wowza. Like you said they will just keep on releasing more to make the money. I’m waiting to see what Dericks bushes grow. I’m going to plant some seeds myself.


How did you acquire Cupid? That’s the one I hope to get.


I should have said I have all the varieties of Romance cherries that are available in the U.S.


Valentine doesn’t get that big.


I would like to know how Juliet stacks up against Wowza. The Juliets grown up here are the biggest cherries of the Romance series. Wowza would have to be pretty good to top Juliet.

Les Kerr was a neighbour, he would come out to my MIL and a few other farms and just plant random fruits he was working on. These included apples, grapes and plums. His property was too small so he would prune and trim other folks fruit trees for fun. Some of the abandoned farmyards still have his apple trees growing.


The Juliets are bigger than cupid?


At the commercial u pick they were the largest last year.

ETA I guess that could be a result of spring frosts, water etc.


I let my Juliet cherries hang until they were almost black last year and they still tasted sour. They were very good, and my kids and I ate a lot of them fresh, but they are not like Bing cherries.


Years very with their sweetness too. Some years they say Juliet is sweeter than CP. What was your favorite of the groups? Yes, reading on Cupid it says some years it’s the largest of the sour cherries. Meaning other cherries can be lager in other years.


I ordered 10 Juliet this year because ive heard repeatedly the same thing that Juliet is the best of the bunch but carmine jewell like i grow now is a close second to juliet. Its one thing people talk about a better cherry than carmine jewell but from years of experience i can say carmine jewell is incredible! I started growing it when it was first available in the United States Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age. Lots of people who grow both say Juliet is bigger, more productive and faster to produce. Many others theorize Juliet may be slightly less nutritious due to the lighter fruit color. Juliet i believe will at least compliment carmine jewell by extending the cherry season which i feel is the real benefit.


For sure the benefit is in differing ripening times. Carmine Jewel is a wonderful cherry, my sister prefers it to Juliet. My opinion, I guess, is related to my cherry pitter, the Carmine Jewel were a little small for it. Frankly I don’t think a person can go wrong with any of these cherries.
In your zones your cherries probably do better than mine. Although I am just a little north of the U of S we are a half zone lower, so some of the Romance series do not perform as well as others depending on the winters.


From what I read on the description of Romeo is that it’s just like Carmine Jewel but ripens later.


What’s the cherry pitter you use?


Just planting Bush cherries the last two seasons(Romeo and Crimson Jewel). Planting Juliets this year for sure and considering Wow za(looks good but pricey) but also Crimson Passion. Any comments on Crimson Passion?


I think you meant Carmine Jewel, when you said Crimson Jewel in your first sentence.

As for Crimson Passion, the biggest complaint I’ve heard is it is a very shy bearer.

@galinas has a CP bush that has not set fruit after several years.


If you are in a cold climate, dont expect CP to produce anything for you. Ive had mine since I planted my CJ’s and it rarely flowers and never fruits… It might do better farther south, but in ND its a dud!