Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


In October I yanked the two I’ve had in ground since '14. They were sickly from the gate and I babied them along for long enough. Never a single fruit. I began to worry that whatever issues they have would maybe begin to impact the CJ’s and Juliet. Nothing about these duds make it worth the risk to me.

Got an email from Bernis (HBUSA) earlier this month and she said they’re seriously reconsidering CP, that they just don’t seem worth it for most people when Juliet is so close in sweetness.

I’ve not read this whole thread, just stopped by to check in - but I think Wowza will have to go some to best Juliet size-wise anyway. I think I posted this picture before, but the top are ER, left are CJ, and right are Juliet. My first thought when popping one in my mouth was that it felt like putting a ping-pong ball in my mouth. I didn’t have a full blown crop though, so maybe this year both will set a goodly amount and we’ll be able to know more then. The flavor was outstanding to me.


Corrected, yes Carmine Jewel. Thank you for the info on CP, just so many new cultivars of everything coming out that it is hard to sort the hype from the reality. Juliets this year for sure and wait to see how Wow za pans out with those that try it. Brand new to site and I have a look of back reading to do. Our mixed orchard is only three seasons old(with new things each year) but it was tremendous to eat fresh own grown MN peaches(Contender) this summer.


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It is a VillaWare Cherry Stoner


CP didn’t even bloom at all, no single flower! Planted together with Carmine Jewel, that gave already two good size crops.


Gurney’s emailed me saying they shipped my two Wowza’s and one Juliet. They arrive Wednesday. I still have four inches of snow, but we are getting rain tonight and 50 deg weather Sunday. Then it’s cold till Thursday with 60 deg forecasted. I might have to try and pot the Juliet. The problem might be finding soil that’s not frozen.


Can you just leave them in cool place if they haven’t leaf out yet. Just keep the root moist for a week or so.


if they need pruning when they arrive I’d love to take some wood if your hands. I’ve got a bunch of 1 yr CJ seedlings that have been begging me to graft something onto them! :wink:


They might need to grow out some but I can trade you some cuttings when bigger for root stocks.


yeah sounds good i was mostly joking but sometimes i prune back bare root bushes if it wasn’t done b4 they shipped


I’ll try keep them in the garage with my potted plants if possible. I can bring them in the house if they have leaves. The picture shows them leafed out so we’ll see. I won’t be able to plant them till the middle of May if they have leaves. I could set them by a window or doorwall.


I have a feeling they are small. They come in pots like the plant picture I posted up a ways in this thread. The branches might be 1/16".


I haven’t received notification that mine has shipped yet, are you going to post a photo of what it looks like when you get it :grimacing:


We are in the same zone with similar forecasts. I just checked my Gurneys order status and it says “Shipping Estimate: 03/11/19 - Batched for Shipment”

@Derby42 If no one posts a picture I will when I get mine


I’ll post pictures too. Mine said shipped with a Fedex tracking for wed.


Your in Kentucky and I’m in Michigan. I’m surprised were both zone 6. I am actually more like zone 5 though.


We are both at the opposite edges of the thickest part of zone 6a, which swallows almost all of the state of Ohio.


Gurneys are supplying home depot with these cherries as well with the same price but with no discounts.


Dropshipping. That is annoying. I have bought things at a slightly higher price because the person that I am buying from is closer, expecting faster shipping times, only to have them drop ship the item from another business that is on the opposite coast. I guess this is home depot’s attempt to be competitive with places like amazon?


Does the ‘wowza’ part relate at all to the price. $80 for a 4" pot! :thinking:
This must be the 2019 Nadia. Every year seems to have one, LOL.
Looking forward to the reports.