Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


It’s a larger fruited cherry from the carmine jewel line. I am kicking myself for not planting a carmine jewel when that came out, so I’m making sure to get this one early. Even so, im not a fan of gurney’s sales strategies but i was able to get mine way cheaper than someone who gets it dropshipped via home depot.

I never understand the Nadia references that pop up on this forum. I get that it was hyped like crazy and from reading the forums it looks like people bought multiple trees and compared stem lengths like crazy?


I’d get Wowza but I don’t like how they describe the pit. I think it would be a pain for processing. Juliet and Carmine Jewel are already very good. And if my Crimson Passion ever produces, maybe that will be good too.


I think what Ann implying is that the hype/expectation of Wowza may not measure up to its reality.

Nadia was so hyped in this forum, 10 times more than Wowza. It was supposed to be a cherry taste with the size of a plum. After a few years when it started producing people were disappointed that it did not live up to the hype. Some say it was a small plum. Others said they detected a cherry flavor but not a strong one. All in all, she disappointed quite a few people.

So, we don’t know if Wowza would be as productive as CJ, taste as good ( if you like CJ’s taste) but with a larger size. Time will tell.


I’m adding lutowka rose polish sour cherry from honeyberry USA. it is the most grown sour cherry in europe. size is a little bigger than julliet and the bush grows to about the same size as U of S cherries. at least this one is a proven producer . ill wait and see how wowza turns out over time. :wink:


Very good point that lutowka rose is a cherry worth gambling on.


The price made me say Wowza also! Even with the half price discounts its more money than im willing to spend. Thats not to say the cherry is not worth it it’s just not worth it to me. Cant wait to try Wowza! Here are some comments from the Gurneys site.
"How large are the plants shipped?Asked by woodduck 6 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - ViciThese plants are in a 4 inch pot that is 5.5 inches deep. The plant will be about 15 - 20 inches tall.


QWhat are are plants shipped and how long to bear fruit in 7a/b area ? What is full bearing years to maximum fruiting?Asked by Mike 8 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - KimberlyThis item is shipped as a potted plant. It yields up to 20 pounds at 5 years maturity.


QIs this cherry the same as Valentine from University of Saskatchewan, or from the same program?Asked by Amy 10 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - ViciI don’t know if it is the same as Valentine, but it is from that same program.


Show 1 more answerQI just ordered a Wowza cherry tree (and I’m really excited about it!). Although it is self-pollinating, will it help or hurt if I also have a wild cherry tree growing within 30 ft.? Thanks!!!Asked by Kris 11 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - ViciThe wild cherry tree will not affect the Wowza cherry tree. It could help to draw more bees to the area for pollination. Enjoy this very wonderful new cherry!


Qwill Wowza serve to pollinate other cherries, specifically Bing or coral champagne?Asked by ben 13 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - KimberlyThis is a sour cherry and it will not pollinate a sweet cherry.


QI’m in Houston TX (9a). Is it possible to plant the wowza in the ground directly? Is 9a too hot for the wowza. Thinking of shade in our hot afternoon sun.Asked by Cherie 15 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - KimberlyThe Wowza! Dwarf Cherry can be planted in the ground or in a container. It is recommended to be planted in zones 2-7. Zone 9A would be too hot for this item.


QWhat are Wowza’s pollination needs? Will North Star work? What if North Stars are a couple hundred feet away? Will Wozwa’s color get darker if left to ripen a bit more?Asked by Fireplace Fran 16 days agoAdd your answer

Verified Reply - ViciThe Wowza! Dwarf Cherry tree is self pollinating. It doe not need to have a pollinator. The color will not darken if allowed to ripen more. It is naturally an lighter red color.


i agree but the crazy amount they are asking for it will come down in a few years. meantime I’m waiting for my others to produce anyway. in a few more years ill have plenty to sample! :wink:


Thanks Clark. Zones 2-7 leaves me out - good to know - not that I was even remotely entertaining the idea. But the hype around these kinds of things can certainly draw you in where you don’t belong. :blush:


but you can grow the sweet cherries there! :wink:


Thanks, Clark. I wonder how come we had not heard about this variety from U of S before Gurney started marketing it. Profucts from U of S are not new to us since Carmine Jewel came along about 10 years ago.

With such outrageous price, I can wait for a few more years.


I bet they have another dozen unreleased varities that will be outrageous prices as well we will hear about.


I’m definetly interested in Wowza but just not at that price. I’ll wait and see if the price goes down and look to read first hand reports from home growers rather than what sellers claim about their products. But since I’m limited to what I can grow I’m always excited to hear about new varieties that become available.


They couldn’t deliver yesterday do to icy roads. Today she drove the USPS truck up my neighbors driveway. They have a bigger hill up by their house and no place to turn around. She was backing up to the flat part and asked if I was 850. I said yes and she walked through the woods to give me my package saying your my conumbra. I had ashes on my driveway the drive she was in was still ice. I had to get my wheelbarrow and spread ashes to get her out. She was so happy! Anyway, here is what they look like. One is 16" and the other stretched out is 18". The invoice says Juliet is shipping separately. It was supposed to come yesterday too. That package doesn’t have any information? It was coming Fedex but was handed over to USPS.

They have leaves starting so I will have to wait till my trees are leafing out. I’ll just keep them in my cold garage.


Well Johnny, just keep updated this summer to see how well they grow.


Mine says it shipped today


Here is wowza in its permanent home, I gave it a little shot of liquid fertilizer this am after a nice 1/2 inch rain last night


@Derby42 & @Johnnysapples
I dont know much about wowza besides what i read so im looking forward to seeing updates. If its anything like its cousin carmine jewell it is a very heavy feeder. Your one of the first to actually grow wowza. If experience teaches us anything its that there is alot we will learn from your updates throughout the next few years. Im ok with waiting for the price to come down a little.



No wire cage around it for pests protection?


They dont have as many rabbits as Kansas and Nebraska @tonyOmahaz5


That is true , not many rabbits here. The grass is greening now so I doubt they want bark at this point. Deer could be an issue, thanks for pointing that out tony, I have a welded wire cadge I can put on it