Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


With the price you paid for that thing, you might as well hire a babysiiter for it :smile:


Well actually it didn’t cost me anything, I bought it using reward points from my health insurance, win win, lol


Health insurance points for a free (expensive) plant!!! You are on a cutting edge, indeed.


I finally got the two Wowza bushes planted and the Juliet.

As stated I gave a Juliet and a Wowza to my sister. Above is her Juliet.

Here is her Wowza above.

Here is my Wowza. Even with a couple of warm weeks the ice just melted in my backyard and the frost is finally out of the ground. We did get 1 1/2" of snow Sunday too but it’s gone now and the temps are just around freezing for the lows and no sunshine in the forecast. Almost everyday says mostly cloudy or rain so That will help acclimate the light green leaves.


Here is wowza, I covered it last Monday when I took this to protect it from frost , seems happy so far


I put up a cage around it too, thanks @tonyOmahaz5


Strong work!


Mine survived a layer of freezing rain a couple days ago. I wasn’t to worried because these are supposed to be cold hardy bushes. Being they are leafed out they might be more fragile but they took it well. Your Wowza looks nice and healthy. It’s ahead of mine. Your warmer than me. I hoping to get some fruit this year on my other bushes. Year four is supposed to be good for some fruit. You and I might be the only ones who have Wowza on this forum. I only paid $40 for mine. I think I paid that for some of my other bushes, so it wasn’t anymore expensive for me. Well, we are on the clock at least. Four years goes by fast.


I bet it won’t take that long, I am going to give mine a dose of liquid fertilizer as often as it can stand it this spring and really try to push growth, maybe year three for cherries, lol.


I’ve got a bunch of CJ seeds planted. might be interesting to try some grafting next spring if either of you get enough growth to spare a branch. hint hint…


By looking at the size of it right now it might be a couple years, lol.


Johnny, there are lots of us who have ordered the Wowza. Haven’t you heard about the addiction? Plus, never pay full price at Gurneys, by the way. There is always a sale of some sort.


I’m going to push mine as much as possible with fertilizer


I bought mine with my insurance rewards, lol, free


I bet we could work outa trade …


I know I always have used the 50% off coupons. Did you order a Wowza? I thought everyone was waiting for the price to go down.


So there’s at least three of us that have bought Wowza.


Wowza putting on new growth


I went back up to my sisters House to mulch her bushes, cut some vines off her gutter and do some tree trimming with the chainsaw. I also had to re-graft her Korean Giant that I planted for her last year. It was four foot tall and got girdled up high from her rabbits! I caged it this time. My sisters’ daughter just had her third kid the day before Easter so she’s been doing a lot of babysitting. She’s been babysitting her son’s newborn too. I made the mulch from leaf mold and bark from the mess the wood splitter made. I ran that stuff through my shredder.

This is her Wowza. It’s grown a little but it’s been cold here yet. Leaves are just starting to come out on the other trees. The grass is just starting to grow.

Here are all three. The Juliet that I bought her is closest. Then the Wowza, and next to the Juliet sucker, I gave her from my bush. I was surprised to see leaves on the sucker because my bush doesn’t have leaves yet.

This my sister and her 18-month-old grandchild. My sister was all excited when we got there because she wanted to show us that she learned to say, grandma. I took my mom and other sister up with me. They both are handicap and live with me. While my sister was having her say grandma she also asked her to say Robyn, and then John. That was the first time she said our names. She just started repeating words afterward and started talking, wow!

You can see great, great grandma, (my mom) in this shot.

Finally one with me and Geona. You can tell I am trying to suck my gut in so I don’t look as fat, Lol!


Nice work on those plants! Nothing is more important than family!