Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


Thanks Clark, I want to put more mulch in there but I could only fit six five gallon buckets in the back. I might shred some thick cottonwood bark. It makes long stans of straw like substance that would be great for blocking off the suns rays. It comes out kind of like easter basket grass.


Great idea! Post some pictures if you modify things some i would enjoy seeing them.


Here’s the Wowza I planted at my house. Even though it’s been in the cold rain and few snow showers it still growing with the warm days that it has seen. I think we hit seventy for one day. I shredded some cow manure and put a layer around all my bushes. Then a layer of shredded leaf mold with some bark too but not much. I just threw in some big chunks of pine bark into the shredder to get the wet leaf mold through it. It builds up sometimes and doesn’t want to come out of the shredder. I will add shredded bark last.

I split some red oak logs today and shredded the mess up. It’s mostly bark from red oak.

I am using a screen that is almost wide open. It’s just bars every two inches that keeps to big of chunks from coming out, but still it breaks it up pretty well.

It made a full wheelbarrow. Lot’s of air in it.


has anyone inquired about brix levels on this new cherry?


No, but i would think it is in line with the others. You may have missed it in another thread, this is an unnamed cultivar from the Canadian program, it’s not Cupid or Valentine. Also the parent company Gardens Alive has more unnamed cultivars. Gardens Alive gave the U of Sas. grants to do further research. Paid for the two year certification program to get these plants across our Northern border and is mass producing them first for the home market. Wowza is not really a good commercial type because of it’s elongated pit anyway.


Yup, I saw that article. Interesting.


Soon you’ll be coming out with your breeds along with the others growing seeds. I just wish I had a hundred acres of farmland. It would be fun to continue this breading out, and have a u-pick orchard.


I have been trying to do this with pluots but keep running into bad luck. I had spider mites kill most of my seedlings. I thought I caught it in time, but the plants just kept going south. I have one left on life support.I’ll try again next year. More of my pluots are in flower for the first time, so the possible mixes is extended this year. Geo Pride, Ebony Rose, Crimson Royale, Fall Fiesta, Dapple Supreme, and the plums Inca, Vermont, Hollywood, Laroda, and Lavina will flower for the first time. Lavina is already setting fruit. Love this time of year!


Suspected all of that but would love to read any article links you have.


From the article by Bob Bors
Worthwhile mentioning is that ‘Gardens Alive’ has provided us with a
research grant to allow further research on cherries and other fruits. They are propagating Carmine Jewel and
other cherries (some unnamed ones too!) as they become virus-free certified.

Interesting to note the article is from 2010. Long in the works all these USA introductions of the Canadian bush cherries.

They didn’t change the names of Carmine Jewel, Romeo, or Juliet.
So I believe that Wowza is one of the unknown number of unnamed cultivars. Bob uses the plural, so they gave Gardens Alive more than one unnamed cultivar. So more to come!


OK, so I got my Wowza today, a trade. I have a row now with Carmine Jewel, Wowza then Juliet. I noticed the leaves of Juliet about twice as big as Carmine Jewel. I also noticed the leaves of the little Wowza were almost twice as big as Juliet. Hmmm, seems fruit size and leaf size are related. Romeo is missing Wherefore art thou? I think I’m good! I should have plenty of cherries. My third leaf Juliet is going to produce over 50 cherries that is quick!
It’s really nice to have these plants.


my 2 juliets and carmine jewel are in 2nd leaf and i just bought a xxl romeo at 5’ft from HBUSA! paid $58 w/ shipping but should be worth it! so i should get some cherries from it next summer. maybe a few this summer if I’m lucky! :wink: also just put in lutowka polish cherry and have a montmorency in 3rd. leaf. once these produce enough for me, ill sell the rest at the farmers market.


Gurneys posted that in there research gardens in zone 6, Wowza ripens at the end of June. Good information to know if your carmine jewells ripen earlier. Im just gathering information at this point.


Yes it would be nice to know ripening order, but I will find out eventually anyway.


That’s a good observation. I have never noticed till you brought that up. My Wowza’s leaves are more than twice the size of Juliet. It makes CJ leaves look tiny. All this rain were getting is making my bushes look nice and healthy. I have about foot of growth on Wowza now with dark green leaves. I’m not sure yet but it’s looking like both my third leaf Juliets are going to hang onto all the cherries with how dark green the stems and cherries are. It also looks like every flower turned into a cherry! The same for all the bushes. Now to keep the wildlife off of them. I bet there 2,000 cherries on one little bush. That’s impressive if they keep hanging on. They even are putting on three inches of growth in the last week or so. I just have to remind myself that Spring is the exciting time, and then all the frustration starts, lol!


1/2 off plants at Gurneys


Thank you @astaft lets hope its all its supposed to be! Because for $39.99 i went ahead and ordered it!


Too bad gurneys won’t ship bush cherries to Colorado. I’m excited for these cherries and my Juliet that I bought locally is looking great!


I saw the sale and was tempted, even put one in my cart. But then I noticed that the listing said 20lb of cherries vs. the 30lb of cherries listed for CJ and 25 for Romeo and Juliet. I also wish it said something about sweetness or tartness so we had an idea of how it compared flavor wise to CJ and Juliet which I already have. But they don’t really say anything about flavor in the description vs. crowing about the sweetness for Juliet or overall flavor for CJ. After being disappointed by Crimson Passion, which was a total bust for me, I’m a bit reluctant. Is the only thing worth bragging about the fact that they’re bigger?

Still, I am enjoying my CJs this year and snacking on the smaller crop of sweeter Juliets every time I walk by the bush. With limited space it is hard to know if I should just go with growing out a Juliet or CJ sucker of which I have a half dozen growing in a nursery bed or take a chance with Wowza. It would be great if I knew Wowza was later than Juliet to extend my season a bit, or if it was sweeter, more complex or…? Is there some info I missed in this thread?


Then there is romeo also which i added one of this year. Wowza is worth a chance but in my opinion will likely taste like the others with larger fruit.