Wowza! Dwarf Cherry, any info?


It might produce less fruit because it is a more compact bush. That would work for me.


Wowza its lost most leaves and the others are tattered. It sure could look better but here it is cooling down a minute in the sink after geting a drink before going to its new home! Dry as a bone when it arrived so thankfully it was potted! What is it with rough looking plants this year? Sure am hoping i dont regret this purchase lol!


Welcome to the club. lol
I’m sure it will purk right up.


I asked Gurney’s customer service about the origin of Wowza, and got what seems to be an authoritative answer. As others have surmised, they say that it’s a previously unreleased USask variety (and not a rename of a variety already released in Canada).

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Cool, I was right! Thanks for asking. Others have asked without a clear answer. Now follow up with do you have more?


Ive read the elongated pit is why it was rejected before. It can never be mechanically processed like carmine jewell , romeo, or juliet. Home orchadist dont care.


I think Cupid can have those pits too.


How are your Wowza’s growing? Mine seems to be doing fine. I’m probably at the threshold of too much fertilizer. I have a pricker growing in there that I am scheming ways to pull it out other than undoing the fence. I should have lifted my great nephew in there to pull it when they were here. Maybe a mechanics nut retriever with the four spring-loaded grabbers at the end?


I got it with the mechanic’s retriever!


Good job! If my planting areas looked as clean as that I’d be doing cartwheels. I planted several trees in 5’ x 5’ raised beds last year and mulched heavily. I’ve already weeded them a few times this year and they still look like a jungle right now. In fact, I can no longer see any mulch even though I know it is there.


any wowza hardwood available for grafting thus year? hint… ;:wink:


patience… patience. :wink:


Ha! You know I accidentally went over it with the lawn mower. It came back, but I cut the first years growth off. Now I have a 6 inch plant. I put a tomato cage over it so my dogs would not stomp it to death. Else I would have had wood! Next year…
Oh the plant was gifted to me by a member here. This place rocks!


A couple of my CJ seedlings were run over buy some guy I hired to brushhog last summer also, as long as the roots are established they come back fine, sets them back a bit for sure tho…

Supposedly Wowza is a variety that UoS sent to gurneys to trial quite a while ago, U of S doesnt have it planted anymore I guess, so there is no real/scientific info about it. Id like to know average fruit weights, brix etc… I guess well have to figure that out ourselves.


All the wood I have is soft wood lol. It’s only about 1/8" in dia. I could send you a stick of it if you want to try that.


This is what my Wowza looks like