Wunderground off!


Maybe this one is closer:


I KNEW nothing good would come from selling out to The Weather Channel


Well at least it doesn’t look too windy…

For a while, every time I would put in my city/state or zipcode it would insist on putting me in a similarly named city 2000 miles away.


Yeah its really unfortunate because they really had a good way to show weather but their forecasts have been extremely unreliable for the past year or so. I just use weather.gov now.


So Mark, what does 634F feel like? :wink:


That is definitely hot! Make sure to hydrate!!


I’ll probably not be driving through Missoula any time soon.:cold_face::sweat_smile::hot_face::scream::exploding_head: bb


Must be from the Yellowstone supervolcano


They removed a lot of useful functionality including Growing Degree Days – useful for us growers.
Thank you weather.com overlords!


They seem to be pushing a premium view that one would have to pay for - reducing useful content on the standard view is SO