Yellow Black Raspberry

I know a couple of you grow these. I ordered one from Oikos today.

What do their plants look like upon arrival?

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Some are rather small. Greenhouse grown. Need acclimation. I have a yellow/ brown cap. The berries are ok not great. I prefer blacks. But it is very drought tolerant and disease resistant. I use it for breeding. My best cross is Niwot x wild Ontario yellow/ brown cap. The berries are the biggest I ever saw. Mine is not from Oikos it was found growing wild in the Windsor area by a friend of mine and he shared it with me. There are also red caps growing wild there. Mine are a combination of yellow and red hence brown. Seedlings can be red or yellow. I have only grown out crosses I made but my Canadian neighbors have reported these results to me when they grew out self pollinated seeds.


It’s a tiny thing. Even this year‘s primocane is a little spindly thing (maybe 1/8” thick) that will unlikely bear much of anything next year, so I’m probably two seasons out from fruit.