Yellow Leaves Arkansas Black Apple

Do you know why all the leaves are turning yellow and dropping off of my Arkansas Black Apple tree. The tree had some deer damage earlier in the year. Most of the leaves are either brown or yellow. Most of them have fallen from the tree.

Any advice is appreciated.

Most apple trees that show those symptoms are in need of extra minerals, if you can get some granite rock dust and sprinkle it around the tree from 6 inches to around 2 feet from the trunk (like a donut) it should help.
Another thing to do that will really help is to get some mushroom slurry (mushrooms blended with water) poured around the tree, doesn’t matter what types of mushroom you use for this. Give that some time (about 3 weeks) and you should see some signs of improvement.


Thanks. We have heavy clay soil here and I was wondering if the number of days we have had heavy rains was impacting the tree but none of the other trees have these symptoms. Thanks again.