Young apple tree pruning question

I have a simple question about pruning that I cannot decide for myself. So here I am, asking your opinions. On the picture below you’ll see my young Belmac tree on Emla 26. It was a small whip when I planted it. Now it has three branches at the top, growing from the same spot of the main trunk. First, I thought that it is fine and I was going to prune the tree into the vase shape. Then I read more and understood that the recommended pruning system for apples is main leader with the side branches spaced along the trunk. So far I found three options. 1) Leave the tree as it is and prune it to the vase shape. My concern that the trunk may split in the future under heavy loads. 2) Choose one branch as a main leader, lower another branch and make it lateral, cut the third brunch completely and wait when the other side branches appear. The tree will be very much off balance this way, but I hope it will recover in the long run. 3) My number three option is to cut all the brunches completely and start everything from the beginning. Not the best option for me or for the tree :frowning:
By the way, I noticed that my apple trees are shy to make lateral branches, and when they do, they often appear not in the right place. Do you know any way to induce bud growth to stimulate the formation of the branch in the certain place of the trunk?
Here is the apple tree.

If it were mine I would remove the two side branches leaving the center leader. You can notch above the buds you want to turn into laterals as spring begins to come to life if you want to maintain a unheaded central leader. IMO leaving all three limbs as they are now is going to reslt in tree damage in the form of limbs splitting at some point. Even if you want a open vase form get those limbs started off your “trunk” at a wider crotch angle.

Agree it will split out like that. Prune off two leaving the most upright. Head that back to where you want branches if going vase shape. Cutting back doesn’t set the tree back too much. The more you cut back the faster it will regrow.

Thank you very much, Turkeycreek and Fuitnut! Now I feel so better when I know what to do with this tree!