Young Pear Tree Growth


So, in the Spring of 2019 I grafted a number of Pears on OxHF 333 and they grew marginal last year but only 2 of the 15 I grafted survived, and then this spring the 2 of them woke up and grew about one foot and they now have stalled and are no longer growing, what can be the cause of this happening?


I have 10 of them about the same time frame as yours. One grew nicely, most about a foot, and some nothing but leaves. They just have not set roots in yet. After they get fully rooted they will launch. It is irritating seeing them do nothing though.


I removed them from the potters I had them in last October ( 2019 ) and transferred them into my Nursey, this is how they have grown up to this point this year. I’ll be transplanting them to the orchard this fall for there permanent home. Is this common with young pear rootstocks from your experience?