Young persimmon all green and first frost 20F coming

We expecting our first frost on Friday and Saturday nights and to make things interesting it is going to be 20F for 2 night (tomorrow is 65F). My first year persimmon is still green and full of leaves. I already mulched it about 1.5 feet high, and have a structure to cover whole tree ready. My question is - do I need to do it before the frost or when gets dormant? If I cover it now - do I need to take the cover up when it warms up after the night frost?

It’ll be fine. Wait until winter sets in for good if you are going to protect it. You shouldn’t need to protect it if it is a true American persimmon. If you only planted it now I could see why you would but otherwise, there’s not a reason to protect that tree if you planted it last spring or during summer. American persimmons are fully hardy in zone 4, and, you’re a zone warmer. Now if you’re growing a ‘Rosseyanka’ then you need to protect it.

All our trees (peaches, plums, zone 5 trees…) will have green wood and they will just like your persimmon breeze right on thru winter… all on their own. Green wood is fully hardy. It’s not like new & tender new-growth which is what I’m trying my best to say.

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Your persimmon is Ichi ki Kei Jiro, right? It should handle 20F fine. If I were you, I would leave it alone until it goes dormant and temp is consistently in the 30’s or lower before i winter protect it. That’s how I do mine.

Glad you plan to protect it. It won’t survive your zone for long without protection.


Yes, it is Ichi, thanks!

No, it is not American, I actually jumping a zone with it.

Sound advice from @mamuang