Young Rubinette flowering, should I allow fruiting?

Planted bareroot Rubinette from Raintree about a 6 weeks ago (ground finally unfroze, Zone 5ish). It has a sturdy trunk and I pruned it to about 20", a la Grow a Little Fruit Tree (Dave Wilson approach). The thing is blooming furiously. While I can’t get the backyard trees to bloom (same crappy soil, amended), look at this one!

TL;DR : Should I let this small tree (on EMLA 26) actually bear something?

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The first apple tree I purchased was a Hewes crab, which shocked me by proceeding to flower the spring after I put it in. I let it fruit, got a handful of pingpong ball-sized apples. It grew hardly at all that year, not the year after while the other trees planted around it grew just fine. I am too inexperienced at this little hobby to declare that I had let it “runt out” by letting it flower, but I have not let any of the other trees flower until they were approx the height I was looking for. Oh, the tree that I put in its place is growing just fine.


Thanks for the vignette!

Rubinette doesn’t set good apples for awhile, I think it fruits before it is ready to. So for that reason alone I would remove them all.

In other trees you can leave on a few fruits the first year but only a couple. Or none.


Thanks! I really thought I shouldn’t let it bear, but wanted some other experienced advice.

Patience is virtue : )

Based on anecdotes from folks on this forum, keep in mind also, even when the tree is more mature, first fruiting year may not be the best representation of fruit quality.

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I say no. You just planted the tree. Let it establish its roots this year. I have Rubinette. It has a tendency to go biennial if not thinned well.

If you let it fruit this year, you are likely to set back the tree’s growth and possible cause it to skip flowering next year, too. Double whammy.

I may not even let this young tree fruit next year depending on how well it establishes this year. Patience is needed for fruit growers. Most of us don’t have a lot of it, me included.