Your BIG project this year 2022

Would love to hear about or see pictures of the single BIGGEST project you are taking on this year in your garden, orchard, food forest.

I am converting a 90 ft long by 4 ft wide food Forest bed full of fruit trees berry bushes cane berries strawberries… from deep hay mulch to pine bark mulch (initally)… and after that… I purchased a wood chipper shredder and plan to cover it with my own homemade mulch after that (as much as possible).

This will be my BIG project of the year.



I’m reclaiming a half acre that I cropped 30 years ago that is in timber…but one Sunday a month isn’t getting it accomplished. Need the space for planting out some of my 100’s of potted plants.


I’m building a 26×44 foot 3 bay garage. It’s going to house my wife’s car, my work car and a bay will be open for my shop. On the south side I am going to put a 10x26 greenhouse, not this year, but I am doing the site work for it this year.

I am also going to be moving approximately 150 grafted apples out of nursery beds and plant them in my orchard. The long term plan is to have a 300 tree u pick style orchard, as well as have apples available for pressing into cider and have enough to take to a couple local farmers markets.

Along with the sitework for the garage and greenhouse, I am going to layout the area for an 8x12 root cellar, which will be next years project.


im helping a friend clear a couple acres on her property to start a orchard and garden that both our families will benefit from.


Doesn’t quite count as garden/orchard/food forest, but we’re ripping out our rotting old covered side porch this year and replacing it with a fully enclosed sun room or “three season room,” which will be a nice place for overflow of plants from the greenhouse, at least any that meet the spousal standards of aesthetics.


Wow… those are some big projects. I feel lucky now.

Worked all morning on mine… ran out of mulch… another trip to the Lowes in the next County over… 24 more 3 cf bags…

Looks like I have enough cardboard to finish this.

I am around 60% done on this project now… the initial cardboard layer and mulch application. Strawberries slowing me down… but well worth it.


I am going to replace my now dead New Zealand lemonade and Valentine pomelo trees with seed grown meiwa and Fukushu kumquat trees


Finish planting out the orchard, square up the nursery bed and shift it to the right, and extend row 3 (from right to left) to the end.

At the sawmill we need to build more drying bunks, a solar kiln, and a shed for a new piece of equipment on order.


I’m doing a no-fence, solar electric fencing setup of my own design to zap the squirrels and raccoons. If it works, I might sell kits where folks just buy their own wire and, optionally, energizer. Wish me luck :slight_smile: Those squirrels are absolutely terrible!


I plan to get and plant 17 trees in a pot to allow them to grow bringing me up to 20 something trees and plant around those trees. My hope is to get a house this summer with some nice land to plant those trees.


@AndySmith — that is some pretty property there…

Looks a lot like TN.

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Southern edge of the Adirondacks (just north of Utica, NY). We’re looking for property in TN, tired of winters up here, but ouch, the real estate in TN is pricey. We’ve also started thinking of building a new home on the property across the road and selling the current house, but like you we’re waiting for materials to stabilize. You’re ahead of us though, we haven’t chosen a build design.

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I’m selling and shipping nationwide 2,000 fig plants that I grew this winter. My hobby got out of control…!!


My biggest project of the year is a full blown war on Deer. I am blessed with a beautiful property that is heaven on earth… but the deer have challenged my patience…

I dont want to take pictures of the damage they done…i am still sore over it.

2 pups were bought and i have been working with them every day. They are full of vinegar for sure. I hope they have ‘what it takes’ this year.

I do not want to build a prison around my property… i dont want unsightly electric fence either. Its a very tough battle.


Im like that with cane fruits… where did you get your pots and trays? Love that…sincerely.


Cool, I just want to say watch out for fig mosaic virus (FMV) when you get new scions/cuttings or something, otherwise they will spoil your trees and you will have to stop selling or you will be selling infected plants.

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From Stuewe in Oregon. I just got in 600 of the 4x9 inch that I sell in.


My guess is property near but not on US 127 MIGHT get you some reasonably priced land in TN.

I don’t envy you having to deal with all that shipping.

  1. Persimmons. After awesome results from Ichi Ki Kei Jiro but disappointment from Prok (the taste is mild and the astringency just won’t leave), I’m top working Prok and planting/grafting other varieties. That includes Americans (e.g., H63A, Barbra’s Blush), Asians (e.g., Sheng, Giboshi), and hybrids (Mikkusu, Kassandra).

If all goes as planned, trees will go from 5 to 14. I know that’s WAY more persimmons than even a small village needs. So what. I’ll give away a lot of fruit.

  1. Blueberries. I’m planting 8 varieties of blueberry, 2 plants each. Varieties are selected to cover the season as well as possible. The usual names.

  2. Mushrooms. I’m trying to refine my growing methods, which focus on culinary mushrooms that will grow on sawdust. I’m also trying to identify the best tasting varieties that are easy to grow. Tonight I picked and ate my first ever King Oysters, which definitely make the cut.