Your favorite persimmon?


Chocolate has male flowers and it will pollinates Coffee Cake Persimmon. These two are good and usually grow as a pair.



My belief is Chocolate pollinates itself. My Chocolate is the only tree I have ever seen with male flowers on it and my Chocolate persimmons have seeds in them…

Ross, Chocolate is a good pollinator, I don’t know of another reliable one as its the only one I have used.

My opinion on pollination is any persimmon tastes a bit better with it. The Japanese pollinate all their persimmons for this reason. The seeds are a pain though.


What is the means for pollination? Is it wind pollinated or is it pollinated by bees or some other insect. I’ve never seen anything like a showy flower on the wild ones. God bless.



They’re wind pollinated. I’ve seen males on Eureka at least once.


Is Chocolate or Coffeecake hardy though? Can anyone recommend a hardy pollinator?


I grew Gailey at my old farm and it served as a great pollinator for Giboshi. I have searched and given up finding Gailey scions, not sure why it’s so scarce. I believe it used to be the go-to pollinator in commercial orchards, but maybe that was some time ago. Tempus Fugit.


Thanks everyone for chiming in on this thread! Has anyone compared Tam Kam to the varieties being discussed here? I read this was the holy grail of persimmons but I haven’t had a chance to grow or taste it.


Most of Non-astringent taste very similar. So find the most cold hardy and productive for your climate.



Was the article you read just talking about taste, or other attributes as well?

My Tam Kam was getting too much winter damage here in zone 6 outside Boston, so last fall I dug it up and put it in a pot to grow instead.


the articles and comments were related to taste. i havent grown it so i have no idea how accurate their assessment is. have you gotten any fruit from your tree?


Not yet. It was in the ground for three years before I potted it up. Maybe this year, but it will probably need a year to readjust to being transplanted.


My Giombo is ripening right now for the 1st time. It’s very good. It’s in its 4th year and is about 16’ tall. I don’t even touch the Fuyu because it taste like water after I eat a Giombo. I am so happy I made a backup copy. Next year I’ll have 2 producing Giombo trees. Hopefully Saijo is good too. Maybe it will fruit next year.


I think it is interesting that so few people here seem to prefer the Fuyu type persimmons even though I believe they are the most popular type grown.


Here’s a hunch. Popularity is driven by availability and familiarity. Fuyu is about all most people ever see in the stores. My guess is that astringent varieties don’t have enough shelf life for shipping. I know that I like Fuyu because I was able to find one at Walmart and try it. I know enough about fruit in general to know that the best variety flavor wise is not usually the one with the shelf life that makes it the best for grocery stores. I’m growing two young Fuyu. But I’m also growing other varieties based off of recommendations from others on this site. Hopefully I will be able to form my own opinions on what sorts of persimmons I like best in a year or two.


I just had a store bought Fuyu. Sweet but nothing special. My home grown Fuyu isn’t ripe yet.
In contrast the Chocolate and Hachiya require more work and restraint (don’t touch it until it is ripening to the point of mush) But the flavors are SO much better.
I might have convinced myself to get rid of the Fuyu.


My choice is Kiungson Ban si, it taste better than Sayo plus it is 4 times bigger. Sayo is a must have so is Roya Brilliante. Don’t need anymore varieties for me.Course you could grow a dozen of each.


May add a couple of pictures of some of my tree’s.


Such pretty trees!
I have Saijo and got RB this year from JFE. I hope RB is able to ripen in my area.


Very nice, aap. The only varieties I like are those that will grown in zone 6. I’ve had my heart broken too many times trying to grow Hachiya, only to have it die down to the rootstock because of winter. I’m fortunate to have Saijo fruit this year, but it is marginally hardy here… It did much better when I moved it next to my shed for wind protection.


What type is that in the first picture?