Your favorite persimmon?



Those fruits in the first photo looks like Rojo Brillante.



I don’t care for soft persimmons. The 4 best hard ones to me are Hyakume, Suruga, Coffecake and Maru. I have the last three but not Hyakume. Suruga is easily the best Fuyu/Jiro type I have ever eaten.


Had my first Saijo yesterday courtesy of @strudeldog

It was incredibly good. Better than any Hachiya I’ve had. The girlfriend and I agreed that it tastes like a marshmallow. It’s also one of the hardier persimmons. I’m definitely getting this variety.


Yes that is a R/B. R/B is very precocious and therefor needs to thinned otherwise fruits do not get that big. That little tree is way too overloaded.
This next picture is a grafted tree with sionwood from Japan .The first few years it show that it is not compatible with our native," I think this one might be different, it looks more like a giant Fuyu. If it is,Bummer!
Second picture is a Red Jabo which has fruited the third time this year, like it very much. Need a couple more.


I like persimmons that are somewhere between the crunchy and the very soft ones.


aap, would you please let me know the size of your pot? I am growing 2 Ichi Ki Kei Jiro trees in pots (ordered this spring). How often do you water your fruit trees during the winter months? Once a month? I am going to store persimmon trees in a garage for the winter months. Thanks


20 gls squat containers for figs and 25 gls for anything else.


Watering? I stick my finger in it if it feels moist leaf it alone, wait a week.


Thanks for the info! I have to buy some large pots for this winter. They are in 11"/12" pots right now. I was going to plant them in zone 6a, but I was out of room. I could pull out 2 small landscaping trees to make room for them…it’s too late to plant them this year. Thanks again.


I don’t know exactly what variety is my persimmon i guess it’s tipo persimmon variety but i have lots of fruits every year, some people in my country didn’t had any fruits because of late frost.
I have 3 different unknown varieties of persimmons and today i eat one pollinated fruit from an astringent variety and it was very sweet with 5 seeds in fruit.

I have harvested fruits from my tree two days ago.


I like this video of showing ways to dry persimmons.



how did you remove the astringency from rojo brillante?


I tried the full glass of Volka alcohol method in a sealed small container with duct tape and it worked.


You seem to prefer alcohol method over bag with apples, Tony.


It is easier to do in a brown paper bag with apple or banana but the Volka is faster and I can eat it while semi hard texture.


How is the taste with the alcohol ripening compared with regular ripening with apple or banana? Does it get as sweet?
After ripening with alcohol can you leave outside and will it soften like regular ripening? Or will it stay hard?


I have here few varieties of persimmon (different flavor, size, shape and taste) but they are unknown to me, i know only that one of them is persimmon variety Tipo and that is an astringent variety.
This year biggest fruit from that variety this year was 460g.
I hope next year i will have fruits on my small hana fuyu persimmon so i can compare tastes of astringent and non astringent variety :slight_smile: .

Persimmon healthy fruit without spraying (the difference in resilience and fertility between young seedlings).


I dont know about tam kam, but over the years growing up we have always enjoyed persimmons and had access to trees of unknown cultivars plus known types and none of my family have ever thought very highly of the hard ripe nonAstringent types compared to the astringent types which when properly softened are sweeter and richer flavor fresh and are much better for our favorite family persimmon treat frozen persimmon malt.


I tried the treated alcohol method a few times to eat right away and did not let the persimmon sit on the counter for soft ripen. It was sweet and the texture was still hard. Maybe one of Us can do more experiment by letting it sitting on the counter for soft ripen to compare.


Saw this green skinned persimmon picture on the internet. Does anyone here know what kind and where to buy?