Your TOP sources for apple rootstock & scion wood

Hi there!
My name is Donna, I’m brand new to this site and sooo excited to see their are other fruit tree obsessed people like me! Last spring, I successfully grafted an apple (Sops of Wine on Antanovka) and cherries (Black Gold & Emperor Francis on Colt) it was my very first time and now I’m completely hooked!

I’m feeling the “gotta catch 'em all” bug around apple varieties and am looking to order a bunch of rootstock in bulk to try and graft again in 2016. My preference is MM111 & Antanovka due to our heavier clay soil in our area.

  1. Where is a good resource for affordable, quality rootstock - I used raintree nursery so far
  2. Or should I just try and start a handful of apple seeds myself? I know stone fruit works for this not sure about apples…
  3. Where is the best place to procure scion of a bunch of different apple varieties?

We’ve got an organic back yard orchard & garden and this is simply an edible hobby for us so I don’t have any commercial insight or industry connections. My husband and I are new to this and can use all the advice and help we can get!

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Welcome aboard, Donna! You found a great place to both learn and share your experiences. From your name and icon, it looks like you’re both youthful and female. Those are two things that both forum and fruit growing in general. can use more of. What is your geographic location?

I’m glad you asked those questions because they are ones that I’ve been intending to ask, but not gotten around to. I’m sure the answers will be helpful to many.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Glad I can add to the diversity of this group, we are a young family, my son just turned two and another little one is due to arrive in April. Our focus is on holistic orchard management, inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer, Michael Phillips and a bunch of other permaculture people. We’ve got 5 acres in Berkeley Springs, WV zone 6b, that we’ve been planting as funds allow over the past 3 years. Previous to that we gardened in a very small (but packed with plants and chickens) backyard garden in downtown Baltimore, MD. Now we have space to grow!

Welcome Donna, you’ll find great information on growing here. There is a tremendous pool of professional caretakers, growers, hybridists, backyard hobbyists etal. We’re all here. Ask away! There are many people with specialities as well. Its a great group!

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Welcome Donna. I also like to read and learn about different rootstocks. People on this forum have been a tremendous support group for me and many others. Bill

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Welcome Donna.

Glad you found us and glad that you now gave us all a mission…


And once again… Welcome


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Backyard Fruit Growers is based in Lancaster, PA and had a meeting late winter for members with a scion exchange. Loads of varieties!

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Hi Donna, welcome aboard!

If you want 50 or more you are in the wholesale category. Even if you want only 25 its better to get 50 and only use half since the 50-lot prices are much cheaper. You can probably trade the extras here for scionwood as well :slight_smile: I used Williamette Nursery for my wholesale orders but there are other good places. Let us know the quantity you want.

Apples can take awhile to grow from seeds, but it is another (and cheaper) way to do it.

There are many places to get scionwood. I don’t think we have a list of them here but maybe someone knows where a good list is. Fedco, Maple Valley, Big Horse Creek, Seed Savers, etc. There is also an active trade forum here.

When you get further into the growing you should know that organic apples are quite a bit of work. Michael Phillips has a bigger advantage than he realizes in his cold northern climate. But, its certainly possible in your climate.


I don’t really have any insight on this, but welcome!

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If you are looking for inexpensive root stocks for a large planting lawyers is a great way to go’Antanovka’.&categoryid=39 .

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Willamette, Copenhaven, Lawyers, Cummins, TREco are some of the better growers and offer wholesale prices. Might be too late to order what you want this year as some places sell out quickly.

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Yay! Another Mid-Atlantic Zone 6b’er! Welcome!

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I helped a friend Russell Penner start a small orchard in Berkeley Springs this fall at the home of his fiancée Amy Birkheimer on Harrison Ave. They both work for the school district there. Russell has been bitten by the apple tree bug and is very excited about his new orchard. He’s already had a bear tear down some of the cages he put up around the trees :fearful: Maybe you’ll cross paths with them sometime.

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Awesome, thanks for the connection! I’ll have to stalk around Harrison Ave. in search of apple trees to make new friends! Any chance they might be Master Gardeners? My hubbs and I took the course last year…

Oh golly, buying a bundle of 50 looks so much more economical! Thank you for the resource and idea I am so grateful. Does the colder climate = less bugs/disease I suppose? @scottfsmith Will definitely get my hands on some Hooples Antique Gold scion looks like your top apple this year!

Off-topic. Try and make sure your orchard is toddler-friendly. Low hanging branches, kid-sized non-staining fruit, that sort of thing.

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@kokopelli5A Good tip! My little man LOVES to be outside and we are always in the orchard/garden/woodland. He’s very self aware and I have full confidence he can navigate safely. I’d have more trouble with him climbing the trees I bet :stuck_out_tongue: Part of our mission is getting the whole family connected to nature, as wild as she can be, while still providing food abundance. Plus, we all like the staining fruit, there is a HUGE grove of native black raspberries that we devour in May/June! Our little one already knows exactly where to look. Nothing a wash or 2 can’t fix :wink:

No, afraid their newbies at growing things, but are very excited about their orchard.

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This thread is 6 years old…but seems like it’s not out dated?

From looking last year at scion wood, 39th parallel, Fedco, and Fruitwood were my top picks with Fedco being a bit more pricey. I haven’t looked yet this year.