Z3-4 Hazelnuts

For those in the colder z3-4 areas - about how wide are your mature bushes? Having been late in deciding to add hazelnuts to my orchard I’m having to fit them in here and there between fruit trees (while also considering pollination distances). I’ve been figuring about 10 ft and wonder if that’s enough without getting in the way of neighbors. I know they vary (and one can prune) but I’d like them to be as they will without fussing much.

I have planted Oikos Precocious and Trazel, Fedco HazelBurt, and UMHDI selections so far. Sue


Hi Sue! Mike down here in Saugatuck:) Definitely take a look at Grimos northern selections. Like aldara and below zones. Clonal material. In mass plantings 60’ is said to be a limit, but with small numbers definitely plant in a block 3x3 arrangement, 10’ apart, specially with smaller northern types

mine are 5 and 6 years old from Arbor day. my biggest is my 6 yr old which is 10’ x8’ w. the other 3 are 7’x 8’w. the oldest one grows like a tree. the other 3 are bushes that send up suckers.


10’ is a good spacing, they will touch in a few years due to the arching Vase shaped growth habits of the plants. Mine are between 10-14’ wide now 13 years old