z5 peaches

On Weds a big box store will be offering there peaches and sweet cherries on std. rootstock at 25% off. Peaches available are reliance, contender, and redhaven. Which 2 of 3 should I buy?

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The redhaven is a good tasting peach. Bill

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I am just shocked that they have 3 varieties that have hope of producing in zone 5! I am still in the learning phase on peaches, but Contender seems to be one that gets more likes.


Of the 3, Reliance and Contender are supposed to be the most winter hardy. Redhaven and Contender taste the best. I’ve found Redhaven fairly winter hardy (in the one test winter we had a couple years ago). Contender was a bit better in terms of surviving blooms than Redhaven. I had Reliance once, but it never got tested in a rough winter.

I have a little experience with all 3. Red haven and Contender are the better two. Reliance is a bland tasting peach.

I have all 3 here in Maine. I lost some Reliance and Contender after the tough winter we had. I only have 2 Red Haven, but they both survived just fine. I would go with Contender and Red Haven. Reliance are smaller, softer and less tasty.

You’re right TC! Thanks for the cold water, I needed that. I haven’t had a peach in three years off the trees I have. Why plant more disappointment. Same with the two sweet cherries that are 12 yrs old and we’ve gotten less than 25 thimble sized cherries. I guess the chain saw is out tomorrow for the 1" tall pruning. I can use the space for an apple or pear.