Zombie fig trees

I have been reading of the rate of failure protecting fig trees outside, and was thinking when I plant one in the garden next spring to try the Zombie method of overwintering. Which is burying the tree in a trench. I read some accounts with good success.
Their are various ways to do it. A PITA for sure. Still I’m going to try it.
Anybody here ever try it?

I just heard another account on a radio show, apparently the technique works extremely well, I’m in!
You have to make sure they go dormant, and lose leaves first. And also to dig them out early enough. Tying limbs up helps make them easier to bury,
I also heard if you water and swing trunk back and forth to loosen roots up. You can cut the roots, but trying to loosen up, and dig them out somewhat. I’m going to have to try it see how easy it is to loosen. Cutting them works too, just leave a large root ball, and you may have to dig more to bury rootball. You want 12 inches of soil at least on top. You could mound it a touch i suppose. Also putting a board over it before the dirt makes it easier to dig up in the spring, you won’t hit the plant, you’ll hit the board with the shovel. Some use mulch to bury and cover with burlap, I think soil would be better.
Supposedly this technique will keep top alive. Wrapping cannot stop cold temps and should only be used on plants to stop the freeze-thaw cycle. Wrapping is great for that as the freeze-thaw thing kills lot’s of plants. I plan to spray them too with wilt stop before burying.

I’ve heard from plenty of people it works, just a lot of work. Also check out the low limb method, basically a ground level espalier than is heavily mulched. You cut off the upright shoots each year. This is done in Japan and quite a few hobbyists are trying it.

Just be sure to protect trees from voles. In winter they love fig bark. I have used the method, but gave it up for moving trees into my well house.

Rather than that I used to simply put a fence around figs and fill with leaves- no tarp, just leaves. A tarp seems to encourage rot, but maybe it works if leaves stay dry. Leaves work all by themselves, but voles can be a problem with this method also.

Tipping them over helps reduce vigor and keep the trees small.

A large piano cardboard box covered with a tarp protects them to temps well below zero, I’m told. Extra insulation to that would certainly work as heat comes form the ground.

I have a in ground fig tree in suburb of Chicago for 4-5 years now. I did not actually bury the tree but bend it all down to the ground and put about a foot or so shredded paper, straw, and cover it all by a tarp, all sides of the tarp need to be buried or weight on the edge so no cold air will get under it. By Spring time, usually I have survival branches to have some breba figs.