Zone 6 apple pricing

Looking for pricing for zone6 red Delicious and jonagold
Small amount of trees but still too many for us to to use them all.

Thank you !

Are you trying to sell or buy trees? I’m confused.

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Selling excess fruit.

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We have learned that the price of commercial Apples in our area has very little impact on the price of our Apples. Probably the same in your area.

Many factors combine to determine what folks are willing to pay for local food like homegrown Apples… Price is not the most important. Price is less important than quality and less important than marketing. Low spay is important too. Customer relationships and the quantity you need to sell both have a big impact on your selling price.

Should be easy to locate several orchards in your area on Facebook and see their Apple prices. This should help with your pricing but you probably don’t need to match their price.