Zone pushing black raspberries in zone 3

Here is a report on 3 varieties I tried in zone 3 . Mac black survived great and is blooming . Jewel survived good and is blooming . Not as Vigorous as Mac in this location . Niwot died to the snow line . So limited bloom on floricane . New growth is vigorous and fall crop ripens late September into early October in this location . Low winter temps of -36 to -42 this past winter .


How much snow cover did these caneberries get last winter?

Summer property so I do not know . Died to a foot or so above the ground .

My MacBlack also made it through its first winter and has buds. Did have tip winterkill but plenty left. We had quite a bit of low temps in -30’s and three ft snow. I planted Pequot Lakes BR this year. Sue

I had -33F and mine are loaded with fruit. I believe i have Jewel and maybe one other variety. They’ve been out there for maybe 5 years now…maybe longer.

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Yes Macblack and Jewel did have some tip dieback because the tips were not mature enough . There is a Pequot variety bred in Pequot lakes area of Mn . This is about 30 minutes north of there . I see no reason to try Pequot now .

Ate my first ripe MacBlacks today - delicious! Only four berries but many more coming. Only one plant plus two more pltd this year. I didn’t want to plant too many till I was sure I’d like them. I do! Will need to find room for a few more if they make it through winter again. They sure are vigorous though. I really need to cut back the new canes. The corn in the next door plot is threatening to move out. Sue