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General Gardening

If you want to discuss general gardening topics not necessarily related to fruit and nut growing, this is the place. Flowers, vegetables, non-fruit trees, and landscaping are all good topics.

General Fruit Growing

If you don't know what category to put your fruit-related post in, this is the one!


The next best thing to being in your orchard is looking at pictures of someone elses orchard. Feel free to post any fruit-related pictures in this category, no need to have a reason other than to show off what you are up to!


Welcome to the Guides category! This is where members can post detailed guides on various aspects of fruit growing. The category aims to serve as a bit more formal version of the discussions. For this reason, creating a new post is restricted in this category (but, replies are not).

Regional Chats

Hello and welcome to the Regional Chats category! Here there are long-running threads for different regions where you can chat about local issues.


Welcome to the Growingfruit Reference category! These reference pages contain links to the best information available on various topics.

Fruit in the Kitchen

Storing, cooking, and drying fruit, and recipes for such all fair topics for this category.

About This Forum

Any discussions about the format/direction/etc of this forum can take place here.


Given there has been a fair amount of discussion of cider recently, we have decided to make it a separate topic! Several past threads on cider have been moved over here so the topic can also be browsed.